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Look Up at the Sky – Poetry

I think that we’re beginning to remember that the first poets didn’t come out of a classroom, that poetry began when somebody walked off of a savanna or out of a cave and looked up at the sky with wonder and said, “Ahhh.” That was the first poem. ~ Lucille Clifton

A lot has been said about poetry, what it is and what it isn’t, how it sounds on the lilts of the tongue, how it reads on a warm sunny Sunday, how it voices the protests of a heart or how it lifts the voices of a protest…

It might be a funny insinuation like:

Unfortunate Coincidence 

By the time you swear you’re his,
Shivering and sighing,
And he vows his passion is
Infinite, undying –
Lady, make a note of this:
One of you is lying.

~ Dorothy Parker

Or a Homage in a chant of freedom like:

Homage to My Hips

these hips are big hips.
they need space to
move around in.
they don’t fit into little
petty places. these hips
are free hips.
they don’t like to be held back.
these hips have never been enslaved,
they go where they want to go
they do what they want to do.
these hips are mighty hips.
these hips are magic hips.
i have known them
to put a spell on a man and
spin him like a top

~Lucille Clifton

Or a beautiful sigh after tragedy like this one:

At least the robbers
left this one thing behind —
moon in my window.

~Monk Ryōkan

Whatever your poetry, just look up at the sky and let it be.

Every day that is left of the month of April is going to be a homage to poetry on the Storymoja Blog. We will post up two poems by two different poets every 10am from today till 30th of April (Including Saturday & Sunday). The postings are not meant to be comparisons, or verdicts but simply a celebration of poetry. If the words spark a hymn or a protest in you, feel free to comment about content or style, whichever it is that pleases you.

P.S. There will be four 250/- airtime prizes for most useful comments posted up on the poetry showcased to be determined after April 30th.

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One comment on “Look Up at the Sky – Poetry

  1. elovepoetry
    April 30, 2013

    This is great, about letting ‘my poetry’ be.
    That is what I wanted for somebody to make my day.

    I write sensational poems about love, and life,
    Paperbacks have failed to be my platform, thus
    online forums and websites became the rooftops
    where I preach about my poetry, though
    whence appraised by a professional, they say
    That I ought to study rules of poetry.

    I love this, I should let my poetry be.


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