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Read Aloud on the Day of The African Child.

The 2013 Day of the African Child will be celebrated on June 16, 2013 and is themed, “Eliminating Harmful Social and Cultural Practices Affecting Children: Our Collective Responsibility”. The purpose of the event is to celebrate the Day of the African Child and draw attention to the need of eliminating harmful social and cultural practices affecting children. The DAC 2013 also will help to create awareness on the importance of involving children in their own issues and promote togetherness among children from different African countries. (More information on the Day of the African Child)

You can participate in the Storyhippo Read Aloud Events to support The Day of the African Child by doing the following:

  1. On Monday, June 17th, 2013, at 9:00 am, take 15 minutes to read the attached extract from the book, “Attack of the Shidas…” Read it aloud with children in your class, school, library etc.
  2. Engage the children in a discussion about the messages in the text. Discuss the following:
    • Discrimination: To treat a person or a particular group of people differently from the way in which you treat other people in the same situation, either because of their skin colour, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, age or other feature of their identity.
    • Stereotyping: An assumption that all people who belong to a group such as members of an ethnic group or age group or religion have a similar characteristic, trait, or preference just because one person from that group has that trait or preference.
    • Describe three examples of harmful cultural discrimination or stereotyping found in the story, and then describe an example of similar discrimination that you have experienced or seen happen in real life? Why is discrimination and stereotyping harmful? How can it be avoided?
  3. Children of upper primary level can be asked to write different endings to the story.
  4. Children from lower primary could draw illustrations about how they imagine the ending.
  5. Please send Storymoja a report on the number of children who participate in the read aloud day in your institution, as well as testimonies and photographs if possible. Please use below table to report. Feel free to send in some of the best drawings and endings from your students.

See attached Document for more details, contact information, and forms for printing out to use with your child/children/class/school. Information & Excerpt to Use for Read Aloud on June 17 (Click on link)

A little Information about the book where the extract is taken from.

Attack of the Shidas | AKAs Save Planet Earth
attack-of-the-shidas-cover-Three children, Tosha, Shana, and Pato discover invisible aliens, the Shidas, have invaded the town’s only borehole and are sucking out all water from the borehole. No one believes the children. The story turns when the three children find out they have special powers that can stop the Shidas, but can they?

The town’s three communities, Northeens, Southeens and Centreens, become suspicious of each other and trade accusations. The Northeens blame the Southeens while the Southeens blame the Centreens. Some people say the Northeens are responsible for the loss f water at the town’s lone borehole because they are engaged in the business of importing water. Word is fast spreading in the town, that it’s a moneymaking scheme by the Northeens to profit by selling water at an inflated cost. Others blame the Southeens saying it’s a plot to force the Centreens out of the town. Tension is high, and there are fears that communities could attack each other.

The book is intended to bring equality and human rights conversation among Kenya’s school children, parents, teachers and society at large.



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