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#OccupyParliament: A Yearning – A Conversation with @KenneMwikya

Compared to the trigger Occupy Wall St. movement, a few remarks can be made about Kenya’s #OccupyParliament, some of them not good. That protesters have decided to take on a … Continue reading

June 17, 2013

Forgotten Daughters – Ayuma Michelle

Even the matatu driver wants a woman like Beyonce – a woman who seems to have long forgotten her African roots. The images on billboards, matatu surfaces, bedroom posters, screensavers, high-end advertisements and men’s fantasies.. Might she need to look like the skeletal girl with artificial black hair on the international fashion magazines? Will she have to wear a plastic smile like a dressmaker’s dummy?

June 17, 2013

Read Aloud – International Day of the African Child [June 15-17, 2013]

In the spirit of celebrating the Day of the African Child (15th-17th June 2013), the Start-A-Library Team[ under Storymoja Publishers] has organized various reading events across the country. These events will be graced in different localities in schools within the City of Nairobi and other regions outside Nairobi, by our very own local celebrities, Eko Dyda, Avril, Marya, Ruff tone, Daddy Owen, Size 8, Lady B , Alice Kamande, DJ Moh, Alice Kamande,Eko Dyda, Mr. Ndambo( County rep Spring valley) .

June 17, 2013