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Read Aloud – International Day of the African Child [June 15-17, 2013]


Theme“Eliminating Harmful Social and Cultural Practices    Affecting Children

Who: Eko Dyda, Avril,Marya, Rufftone, Daddy Owen, Size 8,Lady B, Alice    Kamande, Mr. Ndambo( County Rep Spring Valley), Juma Odemba( Kayamba Africa)
What: Commemoration of the International Day of the African Child

When: Monday 17th June 2013

Where: (9.00am- 9.15pm) Berisam Learning Center, Garden Estate Academy, Loreto Msongari,GSU Primary School, Thika Road ,Rockville Junior Academy, Kariobangi Day Nursery & Primary,St. Catherine Primary School, Nairobi South Primary, Karen C Primary School

The Day of the African Child was initiated by the Organization of the African Union in 1991 to honor those who participated in the Soweto Uprising (most of whom were children).  This day seeks to raise awareness of the continuing need for improvement of the education provided to African children. This day presents a significant opportunity to create awareness on the importance of involving children in their own issues and promote togetherness amongst children. This event is a source of positive communication for children, their teachers, parents, the NGO community and other stakeholders by the way of learning more about the important social issues affecting children.

In the spirit of celebrating the Day of the African Child (15th-17th June 2013), the Start-A-Library Team[ under Storymoja Publishers] has organized various reading events across the country. This is in partnership with different City council schools and private schools from all over the country, Kenya.

These events will be graced in different localities in schools within the City of Nairobi and other regions outside Nairobi, by our very own local celebrities, Eko Dyda, Avril, Marya, Ruff tone, Daddy Owen, Size 8, Lady B , Alice Kamande, DJ Moh, Alice Kamande,Eko Dyda, Mr. Ndambo( County rep Spring valley) .

The theme for this year’s Day of the African Child is Eliminating harmful social cultural practices affecting children. The extract to be Read out a loud is in line with theme and will be Read Out Aloud simultaneously starting from 9.00am for 15 minutes and is from a Kenyan science fiction book by Muthoni Muchemi “Attack of the Shidas: AKAs save planet earth.”

For more information contact:

Judith Mulwa

Assistant program Manager,




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