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Dear Writers and Friends,

The internet has evolved into open space full of information, conversations and virtual actions that impact the world so much that those virtual actions are now part of real life. Bloggers/Online Writers have the opportunity to add their unique voices to the pattern of foot prints that are changing the world; in arts, culture, society, politics and so much more.

This year, we are looking to connect the world of blogging to the conversations at the Storymoja Hay Festival. The Festival is a celebration of ideas, and a space to engage in critical discourse about the issues that affect us as Kenyans, as Africans and as world citizens.

The theme of this year’s festival is Imagine the World[Waza Dunia] an invitation to be ambitious, audacious and innovative as we imagine how much change we can bring to our world.

We have been posting conversations here from various writers, dialogue about our society and things that affect everyone of us. We are now moving those conversations to the main Storymoja Hay Festival Website.

Follow the conversations, engage, protest, support, be part of the conversations!

Thank you,

Storymoja Hay Festival Team



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