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Beautiful Quilts – November

Like shimmers of light sparkling against morning dew on the green grass, we wake up and hope that a new month will bring new joys and blessings. Our hopes shimmer, sometimes linger, and then turn into stories that we barely think of when the sun is strong and high. The stories coagulate and collate then slowly sediment with the dying day. And if we had fires with the falling dusk we would sit around the sparking embers and tell, tell, tell…

I love stories. I think the best part of my job is getting a chance to enter carefully woven worlds and feel someone else’s emotions, imagine someone else’s experiences.

This month has been a special treat. Virtually every single story submitted to the November Short Story Call Out was a beautifully woven quilt of description and emotion. Unfortunately, as previously announced only 4 stories can feature here today. At the end of the week only ONE story can win the 1000/- airtime.

The prize is not in any way a value on the story. It is just a tiny little voice thanking you for caring to be part of the Storymoja Writing Community.

As to quilts, imagine my feelings as I entered a fox hole in the heartland of Somalia, and became a Soldier listening to a distant prayer. Go on and  join me here people, because A Soldier Prays.

And then right after, what is this curse that haunts Njerica’s House? Who is this Man Watching Our House?

I haven’t figured that out, because here I am, hot under my hijab; afraid and confused. Can I move on from the Rough Dimples in the Wall?

And then before I am done, I enter a duel with the devil. How many souls does he require of me? And who is it that must remain Soulless?

Enter these worlds with me, leave a comment or two. Remember in the end, the purpose of this community is not only to share our stories, but also to provide critical support to each other as writers. So point out a strength or two, and don’t hesitate to point out a possible improvement that could be made.

Until Friday, happy reading!


One comment on “Beautiful Quilts – November

  1. Abraham
    November 21, 2013

    I notice that all the 4 winning stories are in the first person.


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