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Story of the Month – What’s in a Name?

The Verdict is in!

The December Judge Short Story Judge – Alex Kandie (Storymoja Careerpedia Editor) – has made the call,announcing  SISI written by Andiswa Onke Maqutu as the Story of the Month for December.

“SISI is a creative twist on the instructions given in the call out. Rather than focus so much on explaining a name, the writer set out to tell a story that shows how what we call people affects what we think of them. The story could use a bit of work on the grammar and plotline, but it was well told and won me over on the creative build up.” – Alex Kandie

Congratulations Andiswa! Please contact the blog editor on to find out how to claim your Safaricom Airtime Voucher.

Read SISI now.

A pair of lifeless feet peeked around the corner of the bed at the open door.

They were encased in black tekkies. Each shoelace was weaved like many that snaked on each other. Their tails neatly tucked into the insides of the shoes. Just like Sisi had taught her. Nanga knew they were Sisi’s pair.

She cradled the brownie she had bought for Sisi to her chest. Caged anxiety pushed against her chest in heaving breaths. Up and down, mimicking her emotions, it lifted and rested.

She remained stationed at the door.

Sisi would always buy a brownie for them to share secretly on the short drive home. Nanga broke the brownie into two unequal pieces. She intended to give Sisi the bigger piece. Just like Sisi always gave her.

She didn’t want Sisi to be upset about the last time they had spoken. Read the rest of the story….



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