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The judges have finished deliberating and here is the verdict.

Winning Story: The Veiled Woman by Diana Gitau

There was something about her eyes.

I remember when I first bumped into her; I was more interested in the burqa that she was wearing on such a hot Friday afternoon. I felt sorry for her because imagined that she must have been burning under the scorching January sun. She was covered in a black burqa that looked quite heavy. There was a thin veil that fell over her eyes that made me wonder how she could even see. If that wasn’t enough, she was wearing open sandals with thick socks and long gloves that covered her slender hands. I have heard people refer to Niqabs and burqas as ‘tents’ or ‘ninja outfits’ and now I understood why, the woman was completely hidden under outfit. Read the Winning Story.

The runners up are:-

1st Runner Up: A Tribal Love Story by Paul Ogunyo

2nd Runner Up: A Fine Girl by Moses Kilolo

Please note that the stories have been published as submitted with no editing done. Your comments on style and development will be appreciated by the authors.

The winning author get a ticket to MG Vassanji’s Writing Masterclass on Saturday 25th January 2014. Please see schedule of events for that day below.

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