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This John… – An Invitation to Participate in an Ideagasm

John has 3 Oranges. His father gave him 4 Oranges. If Wanjiku gave John 2 Mangoes, a pen, a notebook, a copy of Hekaya za Abunuwasi, how many laptop computers does John need to grow up to be a brilliant thinker?

This year, The Storymoja Hay Festival will continue the ‘Ideagasm’ tradition that began in 2013. What is an Ideagasm? An Ideagasm happens when you invite several great minds into one room and allow them to provoke and then run wild with new ideas.

The 2013 Ideagasms gave birth to great friendships, creative partnerships, writing ideas and even a writers’ & editors’ circle to help writers complete their 2014 projects.

On Saturday 12th April 2014, we will have an Ideagasm at the Storymoja Offices at 10am -12pm. The Provocation is in the first paragraph of this message.

Please write in to to express your interest in participating in this Ideagasm.



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