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Call Out | Storymoja Festival Bloggers

Dear Friend of the Storymoja Festival,

Do you have a blog, or wish to own a blog where you can air your thoughts on pertinent issues with regards to literature, the arts, film, music, politics and other social issues?

Would you like to participate in online conversations leading up to the Storymoja Festival in September?

We are looking for you to be part of our team of festival bloggers!

What are festival bloggers?

Festival bloggers write about the issues they care about and we publish them on the Storymoja Festival Blog. They also have the option to put up the articles on their own blogs and follow up the conversations.

In the weeks running up to the festival, festival bloggers have the chance to participate in Ideagasms. Ideagasms are conversation sessions that force you to examine your stand on various issues, analyse the state of our nation and develop ideas for your writing.

During the festival, all festival bloggers will be provided with free access to all events and to select premium events. This will make it possible for them to enjoy the festival as well as write about their experiences.

If this is something you would like to be part of, please fill out the accompanying form, and make arrangements to attend an induction meeting on June 7, 2014 at the Storymoja Offices.

We look forward to writing and working with you!

Got to Application Form

The Storymoja Festival Team



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