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Phalluses of London & Other Stories – October Showcase

“The morning is patched with low-level clouds here and there. I am looking through the window of a Boeing 747. From the air, the famed City of London lies like a gigantic uncompleted mosaic parchment. It appears languid. But the scattered chimneys spewing white smoke indicate a city that is preparing its breakfast.

Coming from Africa to Europe for the first time, I am like a lover, initially infatuated and intimidated. My heart beats faster. This is the City of Newton, Bacon and Wren! I seem to recall and add…and the Beatles too!” – Excerpt from Phalluses of London by DK Black

The Storymoja Writers’ Blog is pleased to present to you the October 2014 Showcase of Short Stories. The October showcase represents a varied range of writing styles under different topics. We could not feature all stories submitted but we sure hope you enjoy these!

As with our previous showcases, stories are published as submitted. Constructive critique on plot, style, language, grammar and punctuation from our readers is highly encouraged.

Simply click on title below to read short story:-

1. Phalluses of London by DK Black

2A Pair of Orbs by David Ooko

3. Tribulation Day by Lillian Konuche

4. Musical Empires by Andiswa Onke Maqutu 

5. Wake With The Night S. Abdulmelik 

6. Change Is Coming by Hazel Osembo



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