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Call Out For Submissions: Storymoja Reality Check! Series (Life Skills)

The Reality Check! Series is a book series meant for teens and young adults (13 – 19 years of age). Through entertaining and thought provoking stories, the series explores and demonstrates various life skills through teenage eyes and experiences.

The main characters are teens from East Africa who are facing contemporary challenges recognizable to teens living in Africa. The stories go beyond action and drama by forcing the main character to explore their emotions and grow.

Although the stories are fiction, they should be believable. The more the writer can tap into the their memories and experiences of being a teenager, and the more they use their senses to describe people and settings who seem real, the more the reader can identify with, be moved and learn from the story.

In the stories, ordinary youth face challenges that demand decisions and choices, some of which are life-changing. The characters in the stories are not observers but rather active participants in the drama of their life. They:

  • have a lot at stake (be it threats to their relationships, sense of self, financial hardships etc.)
  • are forced to deal with mounting obstacles (life is complicated!)
  • make decisions and choices (that force them to face/deal with their fears)
  • suffer for their mistakes (problems change us and help us grow)
  • but overcome or survive the challenges they face.
  • learn from the experience and grow (that can be summarised in a quote or sentence.)

Read Full Submission Guidelines for the Reality Check Series then send in your submissions to Mark the subject of your email as follows to make it easy to sort through submissions: Reality Check: [Working Title of Manuscript]




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