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A Science Fiction Student Holiday Performance at The Carnivore

‘Attack of the Shidas!’

A thrilling theatre performance with music and dance in English and Kiswahili suitable for all the family.

The Theatre Company of Kenya, in collaboration with Storymoja, created a live performance of the novel ‘The Attack of the Shidas-AKAS Save Planet Earth’ by Muthoni Muchemi.

‘The Attack of the Shidas’ is about children from different communities in Kenya who realize that the only way to save their land from conflict over a well, is by working together. ‘The Attack of the Shidas’ addresses the very delicate and contentious issue of discrimination by providing simple and practical messages to children and adults in an entertaining manner.

According to the children who have read the storybook, its greatest attribute is that it makes children more capable of recognising and confronting discrimination. It is expected that the live performances of ‘The Attack of the Shidas’ will contribute to that awareness even more -especially as the play is a great mixture of music, dance and theatre. As all Kenyans will recognise the theme of the play, it is interesting for people from all ages and backgrounds.

The play ‘The Attack of the Shidas’ has been created with the assistance of a professional writer Mr. Joseph Murungu. The production is performed by 6 performers trained by The Theatre Company of Kenya and will last exactly an hour. The cast has a flexible approach to language, so it will be a mix of English, Swahili and local languages.

Directed by Keith Pearson.

DATE: December 15th, 16th and 18th (2 shows per day)
1st Show: 11am
2nd Show: 4pm

COSTS: Kes 500 ticket only, Kes 1, 200 lunch ticket combo.

VENUE: The Carnivore Play Ground.



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