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While Ages Course Along – Holiday Short Story Collection

First and foremost, please allow us to wish you a happy and prosperous 2015 from the Storymoja Family! This year, we look forward to sharing with you more wonderful stories and poetry, book reviews and personal stories from you writers as you pursue your writing dreams and goals for the year.

For this month’s Short Story, we asked you to send us a fictional account of what ‘the holidays’ mean today. Today we share 4 stories out of the many that were submitted to us. As previously stated, stories will be published as they were sent in to us; with no editing.

You can comment on and rate the individual stories by leaving a comment on comment section of each story page.

We begin with the Editor’s Choice:

While Ages Course Along

The singing while ages course along… comes from the path leading to the buduuka. It is Grandpa. I wonder, as I usually do, whether he sings to feign bravery, express a genuine love for God or both. He stops singing as he enters the compound. He halts at the entrance to the kitchen. The lantern illuminates his features. He begins singing again Blest be with loudest song, The Sacred Heart of Jesus…. As he opens his mouth I see he has lost more teeth. Read the rest.

Also in this collection:

The Image at the Top Right Corner: Claire set down the crisp new book beside her cellular phone on the mahogany coffee table. Sticking out of it was a book mark which her best friend Misha had gifted her on their last day of campus only a year before.

The Office Party: It is Christmas and end year , it is the season of merry making and making  fun, a season of good cheer and laughter, a season of soul searching for the spiritually inclined and also a season for many of us -of steady binge drinking and of crazy hangovers.

Robbed at Breast Point: The Christmas celebrations were first approaching and as custom I was at home, to‘eat Christmas nyumbani’.  We knew almost everybody in the gated estate we lived. My parents had taken a holiday trip to Mombasa and they were yet to return, not until the New Year’s Eve.

Here’s to many more months of writing and reading! Enjoy!



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