Celebrating East African Writing!

In Front of the Camera – Part Four

“After reading three stories [Part One, Two, Three] from the Southern Africa celebration, I wanted to do portrait of a woman, because I like portraits. But, I wanted one of a black woman, whose nationality you would not be able to tell. Is she South African, is she Zimbabwean or is she Namibian? I wanted any person to look at this picture and see, or have it be a small reflection of themselves. I wanted a raw face.” Lu-Rosa Latola
Face_Lu-Rosa Jan2015_3

Lu-Rosa Latola is an artist from South Africa, born in Cape Town and raised in Johannesburg. She has a passion for cooking, particularly baking, and art.

She works at a Non-Profit Organisation called Break-Through Centre, where they work with orphaned and vulnerable children. She wants to make a difference in these children’s lives. Changing the world one kid at a time.


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