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Relations Between – 7 Stories

Seven Writers attempt to explain: What is the relationship between family curses, bride price and funerals?

We asked you for fictional accounts that connects the dots between family curses, bride price and funerals. Please read the stories that made the shortlist and tell us: Which author did the best job?

Make a brief comment on Originality, Style & Execution, Grammar & Punctuation. Then rate on a scale of 1 to 5:

1 – Very Weak

2 – Weak

3 – Average

4 – Good

5 – Excellent

Editor’s Choice will be announced on Friday 6th February.

Story One: Go Ahead and Die

Story Two: The Love Bandit

Story Three: Can you hear the Drums? 

Story Four: Thou shall Not sleep With The Enemy

Story Five: Riparian Man

Story Six: Plagued

Story Seven: The Corpse in Prada 


P.S. Finish The Story Friday – East Africa Resumes this Friday.


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