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Oyunga Pala, Chris Lyimo, Mwalimu Andrew, Biko Zulu & Mwalimu Andrew at #CreativesAcademy

Renowned writers Oyunga, Biko, Mwalimu Andrew & Chris Lyimo will be discussing “Careers in Writing” this Saturday, 28th February 2015 at Creatives’ Academy.

The session, which will be held at Daystar University’s Valley Road Campus from 8 am, will cover aspects of the writers’ lives, and most importantly, handle the question: Can we make money out of writing?

Creatives’ Academy is a practical writing workshop which offers students and members of public a forum to interact with publishers, writers, lawyers, media personalities, film makers and bloggers to receive insights and mentorship on how to turn writing into a career that can pay the rent, and that can inspire the world.

Oyunga Pala is a pioneering satirist and humorist. He remains one of the most admirable, Kenyan satirists of his generation. (

Chris Lyimo is an addiction interventionist and author of the book “My side of the street,” which chronicles his triumph over alcohol addiction.

Mwalimu Andrew is a popular satirist whose column, ‘Staffroom Diary’ appears in the Sunday Nation. (

Jackson Biko (Biko Zulu) is a writer with the Business Daily, True Love magazine and The Saturday Nation. He also edits Kenya Airway’s Msafiri Magazine, Safaricom Foundation’s Msingi Magazine and ‘a scattering of other writing jobs that keep writers like me afloat’. (

Past facilitators at the academy have included journalist Julie Gichuru, veteran writers Muthoni Likimani and Henry Ole Kulet, Kinyanjui Kombani, Richard Crompton. Award winning writers Yvonne Owuor, Nganga Mbugua and Tony Mochama have also facilitated sessions. Playwright John Sibi-Okumu took the class through ‘Writing a Play’, while StoryMoja founder Muthoni Garland and Phoenix Publishers’ editor Shiro Marima discussed ‘editing your work to impress publishers.’

Entry is open to members of the public at a fee of Kshs. 500. More information about the Creatives’ Academy can be found here:


One comment on “Oyunga Pala, Chris Lyimo, Mwalimu Andrew, Biko Zulu & Mwalimu Andrew at #CreativesAcademy

  1. abuamirah
    February 26, 2015

    Awesome! The facilitators are superb writers, guys who keep us hooked to their writing. I have seen you guys hosted Ole Kulet once, he is my mentor, used to visit his hotel daily for tips about writing; and for that i have an autographed copy of his book “Blossoms of the Savannah”.

    I still feel storymoja should organize something in Mombasa, set a day for us where we can interact with such great writers like Biko, Oyunga and Chris!


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