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Road Trip – Three Days After Valentine

It is always tricky when a contest seems to pigeon-hole a writer to a specific theme or genre. But with Three Days After Valentine the story could really have taken any direction, theme, genre that the author chose. It didn’t have to be a romance or love story.

Let’s see how the authors of this month’s chosen stories did, shall we? Stories are published as submitted.

Editor’s Choice: Road Trip by Sharon Ogugu: My friends say that I have started to suffer from over-exposure; that after four weeks in Vienna, I have awoken a sort of incurable wanderlust causing me to fantasize and talk constantly about road-trips. Naturally, I grew defensive and quoted Robin Sharma and listed the benefits of appreciating other cultures then went ahead to incite a few close friends into skipping town for the weekend. Read More.

Plan B by Jennie MarimaHey sasa? So quiet? Leila looked at the WhatsApp message from Jim with mild annoyance and pretended not to be relieved that he had got in touch. How convenient, she thought, that he had surfaced 3 days after Valentine’s Day. Read More.

Cobweb by Centfie: Three years ago, my life was perfect, with everything going according to plan. Then my perfect web was tangled by the man I claim to love. My hymen was forcefully raptured, in my beloved Kelley’s spacious room, the four walls painted white, and his curtain on the one window drawn.Read More.

Lust But Not Least by Abu Amirah: It was three days after valentine. Atieno’s world was now a complete mess and she was in hospital, her gaze fixated on the white ceiling. She had prayed for death, craved for it, yet it still evaded her. Looking to her right she saw her mum who was holding her arm reassuringly. Read More.

The author of the Editor’s Choice wins KES 1000/- Airtime. Please contact to claim your prize.

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