Celebrating East African Writing!

At 9am on Monday 15th June, 2015, take 30 minutes to help us break this record!

Let us change the reading culture in Kenya!

  • USA holds the world record for the most readers reading aloud from the same book at the same time – 233,000 people
  • The Storymoja Read Aloud in January 2015 broke the national record – 160,190 students read aloud in 422 schools in 12 counties
  • At 9am on Monday 15th June, 2015, take 30 minutes to help us break this record!

How can you help?

  1. Visit a primary school and urge them to participate. You can also contact or
  2. The Donate “Attack of the Shidas” books to participating schools. Each costs Kshs. 350.00 (The extract to be read aloud is at the back of the book. You can send your donation via mpesa using Storymoja buy goods number 779741). We will take the books to schools on your behalf and/or you can join us. Royalties for the book go to the organisation that commissioned it – The Kenya Human Rights Commission.
  3.  Join any of the participating schools and read aloud with children. It encourages children to view reading as an important pillar of life-long education so read with passion! Over 500 schools have signed up.
  4. Engage the children in a discussion about messages in the text afterwards. The key messages in the book are:
  • · Children have the power to change the world
  • · Disability is not inability
  • · Unity is strength

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Need more information?

Reading Anthem that we use to excite kids at our events.
BBC news clip on our most recent Read Aloud event 
Coverage by PBS (major American Broadcaster) on Storymoja Festival and Start a Library. 


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