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St. Mary’s with Reading Ambassadors Eric and Linda

St marys

As we entered St Mary’s primary school with my colleague Linda, we saw the children assembled at the pared ground in attention. I wondered what was happening only to see the flag being raised, I quietly whispered to Linda that we should also stand at attention, and so we did stand with my chest out as they finished raising the flag.

The Head teacher Mr.Owino was sitting in his office waiting for us to arrive. When we walked in, he warmly smiled at us and stood up as he extended his long arms for a handshake. We were quickly led to the assembly ground, as I checked my watch and it was exactly 7:58 am, “we are officially starting in the next two minutes I noted to myself. I couldn’t help but worry about the young children who had lost their concentration to the new guests who were matching past them. I smiled at one of them and she giggled.

After a brief introduction, Mr Owino invited us to the assembly front. “Reading is cool! I passionized but the kids just stared at me. One of the kids responded “kusoma ni poa” and the entire assembly burst into laughter.

I laughed along and then quickly brought them on board.”Reading is cool! “take two  and the entire school responded “kusoma ni poa” take three and four followed sporadically. Everyone’s attention was now on me and Linda at the front. I gave my phone to Mr Owino to take a few pictures as we read through,

I explained why we were doing the read aloud and told them that we are on the verge of smashing the world record in reading aloud, on a countdown of three; we all started reading in turns with my colleague Linda.

We read a paragraph each and Ooh My! It was like music to my ears, I couldn’t help notice a few of teachers smiling, I wonder whether it was me or Linda who was acting funny. What a wonderful time we had with the children as we all read with energy and Umph! We were in the last paragraph when all the kids had to hold their hands and we finished that final clause with energy and swag!.

Once we were through I grabbed my phone to go through the pics Mr.Owino had taken, I was a bit disappointed he did not take the parting shot moments but anyway….. what shall we do?

Truly, it was a wonderful well spent time at St Mary’s Primary school. I and Linda later on signed a few autographs…hehee! but do i say!..Wacheni wivu!.

Reading Ambassador Eric Obar



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