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Read Aloud at Al-Ansaaru Primary

The Storymoja Read Aloud I conducted at Al-Ansaaru Primary and Nursery school in Eastleigh was an inexpressibly mirthful experience!

‘Maalim, huyu ananisukuma’ is the statement that welcomed me in the assembly ground.

‘Usimsukume mwenzako tena. Mwambie pole’ settled the matter very fast. The pupil had deemed it fit to ‘appoint’ me the discipline master, at least for that short time. That marked the beginning of my excitement.

The head teacher, Mr Tom Nyambeka, never consumed much time before ushering me in to conduct the exercise. At 8.05, the boys and girls started reading aloud with much enthusiasm. How wonderful it was to see 1,000 pupils (accompanied by more than 20 teachers) read and act with me as if they had rehearsed for the occasion for months!

Reading Ambassador Fred Obondo



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