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Read Aloud at Highridge Primary School

I set my alarm 30 minutes earlier than the usual for today wasn’t like the other days that saw the end of the last Friday in January of 2016. I also had to sleep earlier after having gone through the book attack of the Shidas by Muchemi Muthoni which we would read aloud from. I don’t remember the night and skillfully got out of the bed to have a quick breakfast and prepare for the day which would mark my first experience as a reading ambassador at my post, Highridge Primary school in Parklands.

On boarding a matatu to town…I went through the story again and read the book through but never finished, will have to buy one for further reading. Upon arriving town I booked another matatu to Highridge and with lady luck by my side, I arrived at the school gate at 8A.M blaming myself for lateness.

Self-guilt calmed down when I found out that the school had just assembled and they were on their second stanza of the National Anthem. More so the Head teacher and her deputy had not reported yet. What saved me was the fact that I had visited the previous day and talked to Paul, the school’s secretary who quickly introduced me to the senior teacher in charge who was later to introduce me.

The introduction seemed long and an ending as my heart beat in an astonishing manner that would be well explained as excitement and anxiety with bits of fear here and there for it was my first time to conduct a read aloud as an Ambassador. As a custom I began by introducing myself, explaining what we were about to do, how we would all benefit, the importance of reading and threw in couple of statistics figures that wowed the pupils and filled their eyes and years with much expectations. I instructed how we would conduct the read aloud with a bit of demonstration and we were set to break the world record.

One, two, three…”Reading is fun” I started

“Kusoma Ni Poa!!” they all replied and we were reading line by line sentence after the other making it as real and dramatic as we possibly could. They couldn’t accept to be left behind and we kept the right pace as was required and they seemed to love it as we went on by. The part the all loved is the shouting of “Thieves!! Thieves!! Thieves!!” after I had divided them into 3 parts, Centreens, Southeens and Northeens. I lost track of time and soon we were holding hands saying we cannot be defeated as the three communities and gave the final remarks.

All the teachers present were excited and twice the pupils. I couldn’t believe what I had just done after seeing how happy they were. My heart was overjoyed and a certain feeling of completion was all over me. After collecting the filled out forms, I was walking towards the office to give it back.

After filling the report, I was soon going to town for my usual duties and it was not like any other Friday.

I will be waiting for the next #ReadAloudKe

Reading Ambassador Meshack Mwangi



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