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Read Aloud with Revees

The excitement was almost palpable. If I could have tasted it, delightful is how I would describe it. I arrived at Damacrest School in Kiambu county at 7:30 am, just before the morning assembly. The exciting tone was set during the assembly singing and dancing. The headteacher introduced me as a visitor from Storymoja. When she asked the pupils if they are familiar with Storymoja, several murmurs went around. Finally I stepped forward, in front of the 580 pupils and 15 teachers to begin the Read Aloud. We counted down from 5 to 1 and started. I read a sentence, the pupils repeated after me.

To make it even more engaging, I animated the reading, using gestures and voice variation. The pupils did likewise, including some of the teachers. At the end of the reading, the pupils rushed at me, begging for their own extracts. Unfortunately I had carried only 5 copies. I promised to carry more next time. I also responded to questions regarding where attack of the shidas books are sold.

Before the session, the school secretary agreed to take photos using her tablet. She later explained that she delegated this to the head teacher who forgot to do so.
Damacrest school has a reading club that meets every thursday. I’m happy to inform you that we have been invited to attend one of these events. The teacher in charge of this club insisted that we bring our books and lots of entertainment for the children.

Reading Ambassador Revees Kibet



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