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In the play “Room of Lost Names” the young woman finds herself in a mysterious place, which defies the rules of her known world.  She soon realises she is dead, and that she has arrived in purgatory.  In the play, purgatory is portrayed as a realm ruled by two contrasting gods.  Gumali is the god of darkness, mischief, evil, whilst Omuwanga is the god of light, goodness, purity.[1]

To leave purgatory, the dead young woman must give the gods for her name.  But no matter how hard she tries she finds she cannot remember her name.  “You came and did not bring your name? Where did you leave it?” One of the gods asks perplexed.

 To help her recover her name, the gods break protocol and lead her back into her life to retrace the circumstances of her death.  What will she find.  What will we discover?

[1] Gumali and Omuwanga are gods found in the Luhyia myth of creation and were created by Wele Xakaba, (also spelled as Were Khakaba) the high God, the creator, giver of all things; as his helpers.

(Watching some of the rehearsals makes you understand what passion and loving what you do truly is. )

This will be one of the biggest events this year.

See you there


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