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Celebrity fashion trends? Please don’t! by Claire Munde


When you see the ladies modeling the clothes of Versace and Dolce & Gabbanna walk down the runway, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? It’s got to be “who in their right mind would wear that?” 

Well that’s the same thing I used to think until I found out that the clothes showcased on the runway are not actually meant to be worn but they are what are commonly known as “publicity stunts” so that everybody talks about that “out of this world” dress made by the designer. The next time the designer actually makes something that can be worn, everybody (read “every celebrity”) rushes to get that item because they have come to associate the designer with making “out of this world” outfits which suit their lifestyles.The designer’s sales skyrocket. 

Now why am I bringing the whole issue of designers you may ask? It is because I have noticed that there is a tendency among people to ape some trends they see on TV which were not meant to be used in the “real world” but were only used to help in marketing “celebrities” by sparking controversy.

 I want you to answer this question for me: what do they call those outfits that musicians wear on their videos? That’s right “costumes” which means that it is only worn during the video shoot to attract a large audience to watch the video; they are not meant to be worn on an ordinary day when walking down the street running your errands! 

So ladies, when you copy what Beyonce wore on her “check on it” video and walk down the streets of Nairobi in broad daylight, there are a lot of things that people think you are and one of them isn’t fashionable! There is this fad I have been seeing lately where girls wear mini jean skirts and then put on tights inside; now I don’t quite remember which celebrity brought this trend but the truth is that in a group of 1 to 20 girls, only 1 can pull it off and that’s when I am being a little lenient. 

I can hear the guys going “ooooh!” right now but slow down because I have a bone to pick with you too! What’s up with plaiting your hair even when your hair is so short that the cornrows can only reach half of your scalp? If you are trying to look like Omarion when your hair is only an inch long, forget it because he has great hair and you don’t! 

I could go on and on about the kinds of “celebrity copied-backfired” fashion trends I see everyday as I walk down the streets of Nairobi but that would be like writing a book so let me just highlight the moral of the story: please do not just copy celebrity trends blindly because the costumes they wear on their videos are not necessarily meant to be a form of fashion but rather a way of attracting viewers to watch their videos. 

This means that they could wear the most ridiculous of outfits to reach this objective so if you copy these fashion trends then you will be well … ridiculous!


One comment on “Celebrity fashion trends? Please don’t! by Claire Munde

  1. toni
    October 7, 2009

    preach sister


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