Celebrating East African Writing!

Chasing the Dream by Peterson Kitoo

Photo by Jerry Riley. Click on image or Visit to see more pictures of Kenya

It’s a chilly night. My friend and I have been in this road before. Actually, this is where we spend most of the nights. You see we came here through our friend Suresh, at least that’s what he told us his name was. We were promised good jobs and nice life from the one we lived back in Montenegro. It was a mad rush from poverty, he gave us pictures of some of the girls he said he had helped; all had sleek cars and lived in up-market houses!

We were young and gullible then, and besides we did not have any source of livelihood so we could easily fall for anything that brought us money, the promise of a better live was a deal too good to be ignored. He however told us that once we reached there we will have to pay him the commission fee once we settled in.

We first left of by a small boat, we were so many that I thought we would capsize and drown, some of us died on the way due to harsh weather. We had been warned but of could not heed because of the greed and hopelessness combined.

Eventually we arrived at an eastern town called Bari, then our suresh told us to pay him and threatened to send us back to Montenegro if we didn’t pay, wish we had turned back and gone home, however, a “good” Samaritan offered to pay the fee, $ 14,000 each, and told us we will work for him and pay of the debt. Suresh went back, we have never heard from him again.

We were then loaded to a train to Naples. The man, only known to us by his nickname fabanuchi, told us that is where his premises of work are. This is where we had been stuck for the past six months. Doing the un-thinkable and still have no money for ourselves, we are always threatened with murder if we dare talk to the authorities. Heck some even know of this and even come for our services.

So this has been our dream, we have seen many more girls come and be dumped the same way as we were, some go to Rome, Milan, Turin and even as far as Venice! But today if feel our dream has come, we have managed to secretly tell the authorities about fabanuchi’s. evil scheme. The man you see with us is an under-cover agent. That you me having is his recording device, “this will be the end of fananuchi” I think and crack and evil satisfying smile.

Maybe today we will nab this sleuth devil but how many more fabanuchis continue to thrive on gullible girls and go unpunished? “Will this ever end?” I wonder as we edge closer to the Palace, fabanuchis workplace. The fight is far from over, as long as gullible girls continue to be shown pictures prosperity; this isn’t over by a long short!

©Peterson Kitoo

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