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Tell or not tell? by Eunice Kilonzo

Photo by Jerry Riley. Click on image or Visit to see more pictures of Kenya

“Wee mguys, umeskia?’Voke blurted out.

“Hush they will hear…” Jay said almost immediately.

“Its that story…Pato’s bro…” Voke tried to whisper.

‘Iza bana, sasa unataka wajue tunamjua?’Jay said hoping to terminate
the conversation.

‘Kwani? si tunamjua.?’Voke responded almost shouting.

Jay now really agitated said “Skia Voke,ukidaisha tunamjua tutakuwa kwa
list pia..infact(snatching away the ball on Voke’s hands) harakisha
game itaanza..”

“Relax Jay…those guys are looking for Pato’s BROTHER…he is a wanted man….’

Walking ahead in a hurry.”Voke listen me siambi mtu kitu… Pato’s bro

atajisort..he is a wanted man YES but are we the ones looking for
him??..Plus hujaskia gava ni msumeno…hukata mbele na nyuma…so I won’t
snitch…walk faster, you know am the referee today.’

Voke unruffled retorted ”Pato’s bro, Roy violently robbed and shot down
our teacher…Roy is armed Jay. We need to let the authorities

Know…at least for our…our…”
Jay now really angry cuts him short “NKT!!!SHUT UP Voke…Mr.macharia

acted as if he owned the school…I…I… (grins) infact Roy is enroute to…to…
Mo-ga-di-shu…heard that…MOGADISHU they won’t get him!
Voke tries to speak but he’s chocked by Jay’s stinging words, his

Stomach got fuzzy. His lips dried. He was numb.
He barely kicked the ball and he left the pitch before the game ended. Pato was also missing from the game.


Voke left with his head drooping, heavy with thoughts. As he passed the
street they had overheard the men talk earlier in the evening, he saw a
police officer on patrol.

He debated whether or not to tell…


A-S-K-A-R-I…I think …I know something…” Voke’s sharp voice echoed in the deserted street…as he approached the police officer half smiling.

© Eunice Kilonzo

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One comment on “Tell or not tell? by Eunice Kilonzo

  1. kyt
    September 14, 2010

    8 but that voke guy is not to be told anything at all!


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