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What! The good man by Alex Mutua

Photo by Jerry Riley. Click on image or Visit to see more pictures of Kenya

Is he dead?

This was not the first time he had used Ny’a unyo(whip) on her ,which he kept under the mattress of their bed. They were too uncountable times. Kyla had been hospitalized ten times in their four year matrimonial life due to this man ‘s violence, gone to and fro m her matrimonial home over twenty times in the four years of this marriage swimming in a hapless hope of a brighter awakening. She looked at her daughter, bitter, a venomous anger crept through her violently, and she staggered in midday sunlight.

‘Husband my foot!’ she irked.

Years ago she had a dream, to walk the aisle draped in a man’s arm. In her mind she created a super man and when she met Leon, she fell for him but her parent disqualified him. He was not loaded with dollar but a mere university graduate. Out of the relation came a bouncing baby girl.

Six years later, came jumbo, the superman.

When Kyla decided to marry this man, she was ready for anything and every thing. This man had promised to accept her six years old daughter. In fact this was the main reason why she was marrying Jumbo.

Jumbo delivered to her packages of blameless passion in their hay days and concealed the dark darkness inside him for seven good months. He was another mature mind or a grown up and Kyla fell for the man and his dollars. The first five months was a rude shock to her.

‘I never knew you drink dear’ she asked.

‘You are my wifie, my property…I paid your dowry, I can do anything I like’

That day he bought Ny’aunyo(whip) specifically and specially for her, because she was her wife.

‘This one is to keep you on line! ukilete nyokonyoko’.  Down on her knees in tears and Unable to bear Kyla stood,  turned to the wall and wept bitterly.

She hanged on for another six years for the sake of her girl, anticipating for a dawn of blessed. Then Jumbo stretched his talons to his twelve years step –daughter. At twelve she was beginning to shape in teenage arrests.

‘Stop that Jumbo, she still a young girl!

‘What will you do Kyla?’

A serpent of hell fury swam like a an electrocuting pathogens of evil inside her, a sweat of war took to the road in her subtle soft face and she shook violently. Her daughter stood a step away embarrassed by the barbaric act of his ‘father’ wondering why he touched her small mountains of womanhood protruding miraculously out of her chest. These are bad things.

When you decide to ride on the back of a tiger, you will end up in its belly definitely! Two days later Jumbo did it again.

‘Stop it Jumbo’

‘Woman…I will kill you and your daughter, you whore’

‘Let her go, you heartless beast’

She rushed to the kitchen took a knife, and walked toward the war zone. Some devils are so strong and stubborn they need fire to exorcise them.

‘Kyla you yelling at me, am going to kill you’

Like a flash, Kyla jumped at the mesmerized Jumbo and before he could stitch out the pieces of the nightmare, she stubbed him twelve times on the chest to his untimely departure.

‘I told him he could listen’ she yelled

‘I didn’t kill this man, but the devil inside him’ she kept on saying until the chief found her beside the cold corpse.


© Alex Mutua

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2 comments on “What! The good man by Alex Mutua

  1. kyt
    August 31, 2010

    ha the devil indeed! That is a good article 8.


  2. willpress
    August 31, 2010

    I sense a major disconnect with the pic the story is supposed to be based on…almost like the story hasn’t started yet. Sans the pic, would have been quite a good plot.



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