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Kenyans we are on our own…by George Njuguna

By now Kenyans have stomach ulcers because the so called “Leaders” are destroying our beautiful country. They started by making us to kill our neighbors, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters. The so-called accord was signed and we thought that things were getting better. Shock on us, a bloated cabinet at the expense of Wanjiku. 

As if that was not enough, one Kimunya told them to pay taxes and together they passed a censure motion to evict him from his docket for one simple reason; he told them to pay taxes. The reason that they are giving is “We have committed our salaries.” Does it mean that we the tax payers do not have plans for our money? Stop being selfish “Mheshimiwa” we are the one who chose you to serve us and not vice versa. It reminds me of Tusker Project Fame’s Nakaaya who sung “Mr. Politician”. They surely need to hear that song.

Kenyans are dying of hunger and you are not ashamed of asking for donor aid yet, you can afford to go to America to watch President Obama’s Inauguration on television. As if that is not enough maize disappears in the National Cereals and Produce Board and we pretend to form commissions to look into that issue spending tax payers’ money. We are tired of commissions Mr. President. Put your house in order. 

Kudos to Radio Group Africa and Kenyans (excluding Mr. Politician) who in 24 hrs managed to donate 184 tones of food to feed fellow Kenyans while the so called government is still importing maize. We still don’t know when or if this imported maize will come and whether Wanjiku will ever get that maize or another Devani will disappear with it. Then our ministers will say that they have never met him. 

Shame on you Mr. Kiraitu Murungi. Do not think that Wanjiku is stupid. Tell us where our fuel is and stop pretending you don’t know. Now you want to spend another 80 million to build a flyover for yourselves yet 10 million Kenyans are dying of hunger. Does it make sense, really? Indeed, if Wanjiku says that you are selfish, she is right. 

Recently, I went to visit a place called Mau summit in Molo and people have never seen the money that the “Grand Corrupt Government” promised them. Surely, you have now abandoned the people who chose you. It is sad indeed. As the old adage says “Maskini akipata matako hulia mbwata”, that saying best suits you Mr. Politician. 

Remember though, “Mpanda ngazi hushuka,” and “Aliyejuu mgonje chini.” Do what you want but remember 2012 is just around the corner you will come back to Wanjiku for her vote. 

Kenyans we should realize that we are on our own. Let’s not forget. I want to refer you to the holy bible in the book of Numbers from chapter 1 to 12. Lets learn from the Israelites when they were in the desert and how they used to forget. Remember this when 2012 comes.

 © George Njuguna 2009


Storymoja believes in freedom of speech, and in the creative art of writing. Opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of Storymoja


One comment on “Kenyans we are on our own…by George Njuguna

  1. Emmanuel
    March 13, 2009

    Interesting perspective on the goverment of the day.
    The frustration adn anger seems to be widespread.
    So tufanye nini?What do we do?


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