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To US President Elect Obama, for your health and long life By Mwangi Mwanjumbi

Almost two decades ago, I was in that awkward position of being addicted to the Smoke emitting stick like is seemingly the case with the President Elect. When stuck at home courtesy of nursing a fractured leg, my then 11/2 year old first born daughter was generously helping in delivering the sticks for the largely immobile Dad, from the bedroom.

Unfortunately, she could break half the sticks into pieces as she tried to ape daddy (by way of biting them) during the delivery process. This latter act was depressive. I could not imagine my children copying (from me) my bad habit of more than 10 years.

When back on my feet, I gathered my inner strength and became convinced that I can ditch the habit like others had done. “Yes indeed I can,” I really convinced myself. But Bwana President Elect! I had earlier tried using sweets but in vain.

This time, I psyched my mind that I can get the much needed nicotine from Kenyan Tea anytime I felt like a puff. In the evening, I could then swap tea with a few pints of tusker Beer (now an increasingly popular drink in the US). My STRATEGY WORKED.

My last puff was on 30th April 1991. Nearing 20th January 2009, I intend to travel to Kogero village (no visa required) to look for Mama Sarah Obama to present her with a few packets of Kenyan Tea. I will expect her to present them to you during her visit to witness your inauguration.

It is my wish for you to live longer and healthier without interference of a habit that I am sure you love to hate. Besides, you should not be threatened with eviction from the famous house just because of a seemingly nagging habit.

The writer Mwangi Wanjumbi writes Business and Political Analyses and is Newtimes Newsletter Editor.

Managing Consultant and Chief Trainer
Enterprise and Human Resource
Development Consultants
(DIT Certified Training Consultants)
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P.O. Box 55546-00200 Nairobi
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One comment on “To US President Elect Obama, for your health and long life By Mwangi Mwanjumbi

  1. Moraa Gitaa
    December 29, 2008

    Yeah! I know about trying to kick addictions and then some!


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