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When our oil runs out… by Martin Njaga

Might hear this bit from CNN. This is just in, the US President’s hot air balloon ‘HOT AIR ONE’ has made an an unexpected landing in a paddock in Ukraine. The president was flying to Brussels for a NATO summit when a low pressure system around central Europe created gusts of winds that swept HOT AIR ONE to the Ukranian countryside.

White House officials expressed relief that the president’s balloon was not swept into the Afghan mountain side where us troops are still engaged in the hunt for al-qeida chief Osama bin Laden or at least any of his surviving grand children.

No one was injured in the balloon crash landing although sources told CNN that a local cow girl and a sheep, both pregnant, went into early labour just minutes after the crash landing. White House denied that the two events were related.

With no westerly winds expected soon, the president is making his way to Brussels aboard RICKSHAW ONE.

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One comment on “When our oil runs out… by Martin Njaga

  1. stephen mwangi
    May 26, 2009

    this is nice. short and to the point.


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