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Diaries of Sienna

Friday Clande

It’s a Friday night in Nairobi. The streets are jammed with excited city dwellers rushing to their watering holes, the motorists impatience with each other, the restaurant staff totally exhausted from serving impatient customers. You ask about me? I am rushing to a party, in one of the middle-class suburbs.
As I am crossing Moi Avenue, my phone vibrates in my big bag….I am choleric …I use that line to justify my carrying the big bag. As my right hand fumbles in the bag to look for the phone, Mwangi a drink buddy comes up to me and asks “Naona uko mbio, unaishia?” You are in a hurry, where are you going?
“Naenda bash Langata halafu nirudi tao.” I respond not stopping at all. I am going to a prty in Langata
“Tuchekiane base baadae basi” he shouts from across the road, at the Galitos entrance. He is too far way for me to answer back so I now look at my retrieved Nokia 1-something.
“Hey dear?” Stacy excitedly askes from the other end.

“Hey, am in a mat coming.” I lie, I am nowhere near the inside of a matatu.
“Aki, ebu please hurry coz I don’t want to get in there alone” she grumbles.
“I am coming my dear just be patient.” I mutter. I board a No. 15, the ones that fly, if you know what I mean, and within 10min, I am getting into Anne’s house for the bash with Stacy in tow.
Inside the house, we find a cheerfully drunk crowd whose ratio is 1:4 yaani 1 man to 4 women, which sits in well with me. I like it when there is competition for the male species because it means if I get noticed, it’s not because there was scarcity but because I won. I think that’s why am special. I thrive in competition. For me, it has never been hard to get jamaas’ attention but I like it when the guy has many to choose from but he chooses me. That not only pushes my self-confidence a notch higher but it makes a statement for me to my competitors, I am better.
We start greeting everyone and before am halfway through, a tall, well-built guy stands in the middle of the room and says “Hi Sienna, come and sit with me.”

Who the hell is this gorgeous guy? I wonder to myself, and how does he know me? But I like him already so what the heck, let me enjoy his company tonight…


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