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Clande with smiles, a gun and nyama

Today is another day that starts with yesterday’s aftermath. I wake up at 8am but my system takes about 3hrs and 3liters of water to clear the vodka, Tusker malt, Guiness, Redds and Sambuka that I took yesterday.

Fresher than my head are the memories of the guy I met and danced with the whole night yesterday. I can vaguely remember that I refused to give him my number (this is how I play hard to get with strangers) but I am 100% sure that I have his number in my phonebook so I take my phone to look. I realize that the phone is off and I frantically switch it on and plug it to the socket for charging.

A few seconds later, I receive an SMS, ‘Hey r u up yet?’ I am excited.

Yesterday, this guy was really into me…somewhere along the way he became possessive and declared that no one should dance with me. He held me closely and listened to me. He kissed and caressed me and told me that he really liked my company. I finally got to know how he knew my name…the girl seated next to him was my friend. He said he liked my smile and made me smile for his friends every 2 minutes. He looked like he was falling right in my trap.

He is a mature guy, mid forties and looking quite stable, impressive, cool and just wonderful to be with. When I finally decide to reciprocate the caressing I feel a gun but since I am a bit drunk, it really doesn’t hit me, in fact , it makes me more attracted to him…(I like them Macho).

Now I am chatting with him on the phone. At 2pm, we have agreed that he will pick me up at the nearest bus stop and take me somewhere ‘nice’. By 3pm, he picks me up and we go to a town 20km away from the city, somewhere where Nyama choma tastes like fried chicken. It’s exciting as we ride into the bunduz in his big land rover crossing rivers and passing through acacia forests. When we finally reach our destination, we are greeted with so much respect by everyone we come across. They are all happy that mheshimiwa has graced their tiny shopping centre with his presence.


4 comments on “Clande with smiles, a gun and nyama

  1. King Mswati
    November 27, 2008

    i think i love the idea of a clande… keep writing we see whats next. We might even have another series like 24 but this time call it Clandestine


  2. Jojo
    March 10, 2009

    hmmm can’t wait to see where this goes…


  3. renee
    July 29, 2009

    sounds like a familiar story…like am actually telling it!


  4. peter
    May 2, 2010

    cant wait 4 the next episode!


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