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‘You Too Can Make It’ By Enock Shirandula

“Yes we can!” everybody, the world over, repeated in a thunder of applause. There was so much euphoria in which people freely partook of. Very few people subjected that slogan to critical analysis. They didn’t personalize it and ask themselves what it was that they could. They were just there feeling so good, some even without knowing why.

True, yes, one individual had pulled a fabulous feat of being the first black person to be elected the President of the most powerful country in the world. But what the people were madly happy about were pretty considerations.

This was particularly so with Faustine’s fellow citizens.

They were expecting special favours and hand-outs from the President–elect, whose father was said to have been their compatriot.

But that was not the stuff for Faustine anyway. She was not one that would go for favours and handouts. She believed that people should go out and really work. She had gone out and really worked at the primary school. And that is how she had done well in both academics and sprinting.

At the Deluxe High School, she had gone out and really worked. The result? She had stunned many by excelling in academics, sprinting, football and singing. That had inevitably brought a lot of focus on her person. ‘A super personality’, some papers had written about her.

She was so much highlighted because of this rare feat. It was therefore not surprising that she earned a scholarship. A Multi-skills scholarship.

She was to leave for the US in a few days .She was going to study medicine at the International Multi-skills Institute. She was going to do Immunology in Aids at the Institute. Her kind nature had inclined her in that direction .She wanted to serve and save humanity. She wanted to contribute in looking for a vaccine for that deadly disease-Aids.

At the High School she had discovered herself .That she would do well in academics, sprinting, football and singing. All those areas of specialties had equal appeal for her. She was bound, therefore to pursue them all.

That she was going into an appropriate institution reinforced her resolution .She had a very big dream. At the end of it all, to have number epithets applying to her person.The doctor, the sprinter, the footballer and the singer. In the field of medicine she would love to be ranged besides the greats like Florence Nightingale, Christian Bernard, and Ben Carson. In running she would endeavour to beat Pamela Jelimo and Catherine Ndereba. In football- she would love to play in the women football World Cup. She would endevour to equal the feats of Pele and Diego Maradona. In singing she would like to equal the likes of Bob Marley, Lucky Dube, and Michael Jackson among others.

There was bound to a lot of fame and money earned if all that came to pass. What would she do with the money then? She would start a foundation.

She was leaving for US where Barrack Obama’s election had proven the existence of Democracy. But the home country she was leaving behind had almost been torn apart by tribalism which had taken the place of democracy. If she got the money she would have had another chance to serve and save her to countrymen by starting a foundation that would cure her country of tribalism. The  tribalism  that for a long  time  had had to lead to bloody  tribal  clashes every time  there was  general  elections.

What she had set for herself had quite a ring of impossibility. But she was determined to go on. As she thought of all that, she heard ‘Lihusi’ the dove sing in a nearly tree:-

You too can make it……………………….

You too can make it……………………….

For quite sometime she had nothing else to think of but this song. The dove’s song was merely reinforcing her resolve. Yes, trying to tell  her  that she  too could do something great…Not as great  as what Obama had done  maybe – but still great  in its own  right…Yes, if she  went out and really did the work.

Later on, after she had keenly listened  to many  of Obama’s  speeches, she  discovered  that he was all  the time  saying  more  or less the same thing  as ‘Lihusi’ the dove .He was urging  people  to go  out and  really  work.

Faustine was now ready to fly. She  was flying  to Obama’s  country  to become  the doctor  that  she  had  always  dreamt of and possibly perfect  her other  skills.

As  she  awaited  to board  the plane , amidst all that  was happening , she  heard  clearly the same  song of ‘Lihusi’:-

You too can make it…

Then involuntarily, maybe in answer to the bird’s song, she found herself assenting.

I too can make it.

Then she had gone on to board the plane. After waving to her parents and other members of their family and friends she had soon found herself going up with the plane.

© Enock Shirandula 2009

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2 comments on “‘You Too Can Make It’ By Enock Shirandula

  1. kyt
    August 25, 2009

    yes we can? this child is too talented any one like that in this planet? 5


  2. Isaac keah
    August 27, 2009

    the boy appears more of a dreamer than one who really lives the talents. the title mismatches the body.5


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