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Caught on the wrong side of marital law by Festus N. Kang’alya

It had been after a days work when arrived at my newly got home. Having finished paying my mortgage. It was a state of the art house; self contained with a master bedroom and three others. It had a modern Kitchen, an expansive compound that had newly cut grass lawns and beautiful flower gardens. Then to sum it up all, it had a perimeter wall and secure gate that was always under the tutelage of guards from the best security firm in town.

Currently I was working with child benevolence NGO as a technical consultant. Mine was a high demanding job by the virtue of the number of clients we handled and the activities we were undertaking, however I felt great and fit for the challenge. I was young and energetic and quickly climbing the socio economical ladder.

I was married already to beautiful sweet wife who was a sales executive with a large car hire and sales company. We had a little son of five years. Generally ours was a little happy family of three.

This particular evening, I was in my study surfing the net on my laptop computer as my wife set supper. I had been researching more on autism in children when I stumbled on a local E-dating agency. Out of curiosity I had opened the site and what transpired in my mind next was unexplainable.

I had gone through the list of female site members who were in search of a male E-date. I settled on one particular entry and opened to view the profile. She was incidentally from the same city as I .she was in her early 30s just as my wife, financially stable and in a managerial position in her career profile she had not given marital status. This type of E-date seemed to fit me even though not in whole. Then without a second thought I confirmed my desire for E-friendship.

It began in contest and in two months time, I had her whole figure in my mind. She was slightly slender, brown and beautiful, medium height and without temperament on my relationship my wife never noticed any change in loyalty. She had my undisputed, undivided love even as I enjoyed my E-mail illicit intimacy.

Then we decided it was time to meet personally in one of the modern joints of our city. That Friday I called my wife Mary and apologized I would be late. Coincidentally, I learnt that she would too be late attending a friend’s birthday party, but would be early enough to see our son before he went to bed. Then I sent a quick mail to my date, I will be in silver evening suit and seated alone reading a magazine and sipping wine.

As the waiter brought my order, I glanced at my watch, I was ten minutes earlier. I half filled my glass slipping slowly as I opened our firm’s annual magazine.

After some few minutes that looked like eternity, I spotted a feminine figure who I presumed was my date. I held my breath as I noticed she too was looking for somebody. Then to my surprise I realized without doubt it was my own wife Mary.

I decided to act quickly by making myself busy with my magazine but I could not comprehend the words or the photograph of the managerial team on the cover page.

I felt her eyes sharply on me and I feared looking up to meet her scare. Then I felt a feminine tap on my shoulder and that familiar scent of her cologne.

“Ah ……… excuse me sir; you must be the gentleman I am looking for; in a silver evening suit and reading a magazine” she said in sweet seducing voice I had never heard her use  even in our courtship. “…………. Then you must be my three month E-date, nice to meet you”. I said casually.

I had risen to pull up a chair for her then what had followed were confessions from both parties. For three months each had broken the vows of our marriage but fate could not allow us to have our way. Our work had seemingly separated us but now we had learnt our own lessons. We made up our crooked ways by making some resolutions. We would always have time for one another despite our demanding jobs. Then we would use one car unless it was urgently necessary.

We had then forgiven ourselves and instead of having dinner with my E-date, I had a candle lit dinner with my own wife, though the initial circumstances had been emotionally and psychologically tight. We had now renewed our marriage vows once more, solidifying our love…

It was late into the night when we drove home in my car having paid for hers to remain at the Hotel’s parking lot till the following day where it would be picked by our mechanic.

Since then, I have been calling her my loving E-date, a name she likes as it keeps us tightly together.

When I explain the meaning to my closest friends, some call it a surprisingly dangerous coincidence. On my side I would consider it a check from the forces of nature to control moral erosion in our society.

© Festus N. Kang’alya 2009

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2 comments on “Caught on the wrong side of marital law by Festus N. Kang’alya

  1. Gitura Kihuria
    July 24, 2009

    He started by bragging about himself and I don’t see how that adds value to this story which has grammatical errors.

    It’s also a too familiar story of(like he puts it) e-dating.

    I will give it a 3


  2. Waswa
    July 26, 2009


    familiar script. no creativity.


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