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Hallucinating in Poetic Dimension by Muthoni Garland

The father of dreams scoffed an inflated figuritive

thought which poisoned his mind, lubricated his ego,

and deviated him from the Allusory Road of all good intention.

He raped his passive-recessive alien wife who had an ironic

migraine that night, and gave satirical birth to ill-conceived,

vaguely-metrical, techni-coloured nightmares.

The little nightmares broke up the night leaving infantile airy

castles scattered in alliterative tatters. They grew worse in R.E.M.,

suffocating schemes, emergent hopes and tender longings.

Unappeased, the raging midnight demons roamed terra

non-firma, conjugating subordinates and blatantly propagating

ill will, similar to a simile, from Metaphor to Allegory.

But one microscopic mutant inherited dormant genes, incubated

in periods without light, and grew obsessed with nurturing

a hyperbolic paradoxical nightmare that may yet free dreams

from symbolic convulsions in Poetic Dimension.


2 comments on “Hallucinating in Poetic Dimension by Muthoni Garland

  1. Alexander
    January 19, 2009

    One poetic brownie for “lubricating one’s ego”. That was swell; and it makes social intercourse so much smoother and more pleasant. 🙂

    And one sweet amarena cherry, to go with the brownie, for the haunting image of a poetic nightrunner (jajuok); an kimage only fully complete when they fire volleys of metaphors, clattering like nuts on your sheet metal roof in shags.

    The rest is about getting semantically even with PLO Lumumba, I presume…
    And yes, I do like R.E.M. (the music). But do I say?


  2. tony mochama
    January 21, 2009

    Surely Muthoni,
    you are now ina period of creative fire – stories, artikles, and now poetry. You are the nyako jajuok!! from the poetic gangsta, TM.


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