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Life as a Concept by Isaac Mburu

At some point in anyone’s lifetime, the thought of making the human race better comes up. Most of the people however, give up along the way and the noble course of becoming the human race’s life saver just becomes a dream

The truth about life is that there is no genius. The Life Experience equation is such that experience shared is not equal experience learnt by one self. 

Success has never been a surprise, it accompanies those who are daring and hardworking. Accepting failure as a way of gaining experience. Success is like climbing a mountain; while you really want to get to the top, about 5 things happen; the higher you climb, the steeper the cliff becomes, but the urge to make it is so much that to some, nothing seems to get on the way. Some just give up at the beginning after seeing the much that is in front of them.

May be the most memorable thing on the road of success is what you tried, lost, that which helped you move on as a stronger person. Experience is the only weapon that we use to fight challenges that we encounter on our way 

Getting to the top of any field as the best, be it your career, or raising a family only means that you make the right decision now. 

After ones own experience in life, the million and one theories of life like who to marry, how to marry, when to marry, why to marry, turn out to be false. Some recommend that you follow your heart. May be the question should be, do you follow what others believe or what you believe, does your heart always talk the truth or is it the inner person who constantly seems to be in conflict with the you person? 

The open secret to life is taking each day at a time, while you strategize for what lies ahead. Following what worked for someone else means you are living a replicated life.

Life is like an educational course, with different modules. Since we are all in it learning, it might be worthwhile to consider the advice given and if it is the best. Could be that there are better ways of doing the same. And that is how entrepreneurship comes into play.

Isaac Mburu is the fresh fruit in Storymoja’s basket. Have a lot to learn in life and writing from this place. I have a lot to offer too. An upcoming writer, in the right place at the right time I believe. Don’t watch the space, watch the universe for this guy, I’m just getting started.


One comment on “Life as a Concept by Isaac Mburu

  1. howaboutbeth
    January 13, 2010

    Brilliant work. Great blog by the way!


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