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Tears of a mother (Part Three) by Nixon Mateulah.

It was now getting dark out side, the twilight was being challenged to a knock-out by the advancing moonlight. The wind was so gentle and the nocturnal activities were in their early stages. Children who sold paraffin yelled out endlessly: ‘anyale!…anyale!…anyale!’ advertising their commodity as they went about the neighbourhood. Small little girls between ten and twelve years geared themselves for another play in the luminous moonlight. They were singing one of their many meaningless songs:

Bwalo likule




And they started clapping their hands and singing:

Mwezi uwale

Tisewere tiimbeee…

Mwezi uwale tisewere tiimbeee…

Mwezi uwale tisewere tiimbee…

They sang in accompaniment of uniform clapping. Some girls rolled up their dresses and tucked them into their panties revealing innocently their tomorrow precious legs. They were standing in a circle and one at a time went into the centre of the circle and danced, winding her waist seductively like a Kwasakwasa dancing queen. Boys of their age watched platonically and marvelled at the one that danced the best. Zachariah was passing by these little playful girls, but did not fail to stop a bit and steal a glance at a girl who was winding her waist seductively like Yondo Sister. He marvelled at the girl’s skill and mumbled that she would make a good dancer. Zachariah was on her way to see his girl friend, Tamara who was residing in Chadzamakono, a distance about a kilometre away. He walked briskly so that he should return back home while people were still walking around. Tamara was a young girl of eighteen years old, and was staying with her sister who was not yet married. Her sister was fresh from university and was working as an accountant in the Ministry of Finance at Capital Hill. At first Tamara’s sister, Rita had disapproved of their relationship and at times had threatened to send Tamara home in Chitipa, a district in the northern part of Malawi. However, the other day Rita asked Tamara to tell Zachariah that she wanted to have a word with him. Zachariah had received the news with apprehension and fear, but Tamara encouraged him to meet his sister. On the day of the meeting, Zachariah bought himself a nip to dispel away fear and shyness. When he appeared at Rita’s house, he was slightly tipsy and he handled the interview tactfully and Rita was very pleased with him. Zachariah in the end informed Rita that if anything happened to Tamara…if found pregnant he would not be responsible because their love was platonic type of love-affair. He would wait for Tamara to finish her studies.

Zachariah found Tamara alone at home watching Mr. Ibu. She was sitting on the sofa, a glass of orange juice drink in her left hand. She was wearing a military green vest and a pair of camouflaged short pants, her light thighs gleaming against the light. Her dreadlocks were hanging loose about her back, they were so long that they reached her waist. Tamara was a lovely looking teenager, she was light brown in complexion and her skin was tender like that of a baby. Her set of white teeth were lovely to look at especially when she smiled, her sexy smile made young men mad about her. Her oval face expanded with an infectious smile when she had seen Zachariah. She got up quickly, put down her drink on the table and interlocked herself into Zachariah’s open hands. They kissed each other so passionately that dazzled Zachariah and he quickly stepped back.

‘Are you all alone, honey?’ asked Zachariah timidly.


‘We’ve never been so intimate and close in this house,’ said Zachariah.

‘Don’t worry, sister has gone to Blantyre and she would only be here tomorrow,’ said Tamara caressing Zachariah’s chin with her long soft manicured fingers.


‘Sit down,’ she said as she darted to the kitchen to fetch him a drink.

A minute later, Tamara returned with a tray bearing a bottle of guava juice, biscuits and a glass. She set the tray down and poured Zachariah a drink.

‘Where have you been honey?’ asked Tamara as she sat down.

‘There are some developments taking place at home,’ he said with a sigh.

‘What developments? she asked crossing her leg over the other.

‘My father wants me to go to South Africa to entice my brother to return home,’ he said.

‘There were some lines of repulsion knitting on Tamara’s forehead, she raised her eyebrows in a queer fashion that bespoke of her disinterestedness with the topic Zachariah had just introduced.

‘I am wholly against it, dear,’ she said plaintively. ‘I won’t go for long, my brother had indicated that he would be coming next month and I must go to keep him company and help him with his stuff. Now you understand, isn’t?’ said Zachariah.

‘I don’t want to lose you Zakes, you know,’ said Tamara tearfully.

‘Don’t ever think of me abandoning you, you are my angel,’ said Zakes embracing Tamara.

Zachariah spent a night at Tamara’s house and it was the first night they had unprotected sex. Tamara insisted they have unprotected sex as a guarantee that if she happened to fall pregnant Zachariah would come home immediately if something detained him in South Africa.

This is part of a longer story that begun in two week’s ago. To read the previously published parts, go to Tears of a Mother (Part One) and Tears of a mother(Part Two)

© Nixon Mateulah 2009

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2 comments on “Tears of a mother (Part Three) by Nixon Mateulah.

  1. Bernadette
    October 19, 2009

    I love this story but the suspense is killing me!is it possible to get the whole story rather than tit bits every Monday?


  2. Kyt
    October 24, 2009

    Eish!! When will this story end! Suspense bwana! 9 most def


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