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The Curse by Moses Kwereba Gathua

Once upon a time, the world was very beautiful and gorgeous from any pillar that you viewed it. The trees spent much time in laugher with the pure air that circulated then. Humans were also very friendly to their neighbors and life was as good as in paradise for all. One sunny day, King sun called a meeting to analyze how his government was performing as well as award several winners with the King’s annual awards.

From afar humans traveled, some from the hinterlands and others from the deep cities. Other citizens of the world were also not left out; they came in huge numbers from all over the world. In style everyone entered the balcony of Miti forest. This is a centre that was provided free of charge by the members of Miti forest clan to serve as a ground for commemorating national occasions. The waterfalls and cataracts within Miti forest overwhelmingly splashed their waters with an uproar to alert others that the day had finally come.

As guests arrived at the venue one by one, the monkey boys’ band entertained everyone with their newly released hit songs. They proudly sang,

“We citizens of the world thank Mr. Water for obeying our thirst,

We citizens of the world thank Mr. Tree for giving us refuge and food,

We citizens of the world thank king sun for providing us with light,

We citizens of the world thank Mr. Human for teaching us how to talk and sing,

We citizens of the world thank Mr. Wind for drying us when we bath”

No sooner had Mr. Wind been mentioned in the song than a calm and cool breeze wafted towards the entertainment group. Immediately everyone stood up and clapped shouting “Karibu Mr. Wind.” He turned around and directed his cool breeze to the citizens and they saluted him with a blink of the left eye.

As a beautiful song played in the background, Mr. Air who was the master of the ceremony urged everyone to stand up and with a mighty clap like that of Mr. thunderstorm welcome King sun. On his head, King Sun wore a precious crown that was insulated with yellowish gemstones and beside him was the queen, Lady Moon, smartly dressed with a golden colored kitenge dress. Lady moon waived the crowd with her left hand as she always did in national occasions.

The master of ceremony requested King Sun and Lady Moon to have a seat as more citizens perpetually arrived. Mr. Lion arrived to the occasion with a huge banner that was written” Keep the earth green” Mr. dark did not turn up for the occasion but he received a live coverage via Mr. Sky, who was the national broadcaster of the world. Any news or events were engraved on the face of Mr. Sky by Mr. Lightning for everyone to see. Mr. Thunderstorm alerted the citizens of any breaking news with an alarming voice.

After the entertainment session was over, lady moon welcomed king sun to address the citizens. King sun started by awarding trophies to all the winners. These winners were been acknowledged for their work of making the world a better place to live in. Mr. Water scooped the first trophy for ensuring that everyone had something to drink. Mr. Wind received the second trophy for ensuring that citizens received water and electricity through his power. Mr. Human received the final trophy for his invention. He invented the technique of making clothes with gifts offered to him by the members of Miti clan. These gifts were glue and dead leaves. Finally King sun gave his speech.

“Her majesty, lady moon, the King’s nobles, the king’s investigation department patron, Mr. Rabbit, chiefs, fellow citizens and all protocols observed, good afternoon. We are gathered here to celebrate our togetherness and acknowledge one another. I have seen with my own eyes good deeds coming from you, citizens of the world. Mr. Water has been very good for voluntarily providing us with something to drink. Mr. Air has been very helpful for proving us with something to take in and out. Likewise Mr. Human has been very outstanding for coming up with incredible inventions. Everyone has played a role in making the world be like a habitable palace where any king would fight a battle to occupy. I have no much to say but to congratulate you all for your dedication of making this world a habitable place for all of us. I now call upon everyone to lift up his or her champagne glass and together we toss for a greener tomorrow. Thank you all for coming.”

Two months had not passed after the national occasion was held when death reports of five hundred thousand trees were reported at the king’s palace. Later on as the investigation of the deaths was been carried out, four hundred lions and twenty thousand elephants were reported dead. As days passed by, Mr. Air reported that he was very ill as madam Rainfall, Mr. Water’s mum ran away from the world to asylum. These events infuriated king sun who now ordered a thorough investigation of the cause and a night curfew was introduced. Mr. Dark was ordered to ensure that the curfew took effect immediately.

A report after the investigation showed that, the activities of Mr. Human were the epitome of the menaces.” All the reported deaths were carried out by Mr. Human with his own hands and in some cases using machines that he invented” said Mr. Rabbit, the patron of the King’s investigation department at the palace. This annoyed Lady Moon who said that she will never again appear in public but will hind under the arms of Mr. Dark to help him ensure that the curfew was successful. King sun decided to curse the world. According to the rituals, beliefs and customs of the world, if the reigning king curses the world then nothing could counter the curse rather than fulfilling the wishes of the king. The King’s disappointment caused him to strike the world with hot rays. No one could calm down the king not even Lady Moon.

The king’s anger resulted to tremendous disasters as Mr. Water fell sick and the members of Miti clan died. King sun promised to continue with his revenge until Mr. Human counters the curse by awakening the dead members of Miti forest and stopping all the activities that are degrading the world’s beauty. Up to now the king’s curse is still alive as his wish of a greener and beautiful world has not yet been fulfilled. Global warming is now threatening the world’s existence. A few years to come, the artic snow will melt, the sea levels will rise and the world will be no more. Save the world and conserve the environment. By that you will fulfill king sun’s wishes, you humans!

© Moses Kwereba Gathua 2009

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6 comments on “The Curse by Moses Kwereba Gathua

  1. Gael
    September 7, 2009

    A well-written story carry a critical message,i will give it a 8


  2. 06mickey
    September 7, 2009

    I give it a 9


  3. Stephen Mwangi
    September 7, 2009

    The metaphor is a good idea but your grammar does not bring it out well enough. Good grammar is a hallmark of good writing. For example, the phrase ‘perpetually arrived’ doesn’t really work here.
    I give it a 4.


  4. Nyasili
    September 8, 2009

    A timely message, in a fable. It lacked the suspense I was so much looking for. But it is a creative departure from the usual ways of bringing out messages through story. This is an EIGHT.


  5. Raymond Bett
    September 12, 2009

    I find that if put in simpler English this would be a very good story for kids otherwise it’s boring. Anyway that is just me. I will however give you 5 for writing a story with a profound message.


  6. juliana
    September 19, 2009

    i think you are great in your own way.i give you 7.


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