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To The T – Part 2 by Jaimin S. Vyas

Monday morning was a bright sunny day. Sammy looked up at the sun with a thirst of limited days on his hands and began to count them. The first thing he did was go through the list and began to transfer them onto his computer transferring the remainder of money to his broker and began to buy the shares Grace had so delicately suggested. Once the operation was complete he began to type up a letter of agreement, attached the confirmations of the shares and sent it to Grace’s email address. He made a hard copy and addressed it to be delivered to her by registered post. An additional copy was made and filed away.

Now he began the biggest gamble of his life. It had taken him the weekend to get his senses back and set his priorities. Trading in stocks began in the evening at 4.30pm. There was not time to sleep. He knew that his way was desperate but it was the only course open to him. If he succeeded he would be able to die happily but if he did not he would be in the biggest pile of shit he had ever created.

He had split the remaining money into two accounts. During the day he intended to trade with one account while after 4.30 he traded with both. The day would begin from 8.00 am but it would end at 3.00 am. Who had time to sleep now? There would be time afterwards.

He then opened the currency program and looked at it in horror….there in front of him he saw the figures bounce back and forth. When he had slammed shut the computer on Friday the program was still on and somehow a deal had been made. All 50,000 dollars were trading. The leverage was 1:100 so he was trading 5,000,000 dollars. He slammed the key without thinking to sell. A moment passed ….. A kachink sound came out and he looked at the balance…. He broke into a sweat and sat down and began to cry…..

As each day passed by Graces interruptions became more and more constant. Sammy’s health continued to deteriorate. He had stopped the treatments. They were too time consuming. Lydia watched Sammy’s health deteriorate. He could not eat. He was staying awake for 20 hours a day, catching small amounts of sleep. His weight had dropped. Finally after six months she could bear it no longer and went through his files and found the report. She was furious with Sammy that evening.

The house was full of screams and agony. Sammy clamed her down and the children and sat with them and explained what had happened. Lydia immediately decided that her husband’s life was more important to her, but Sammy convinced her that this was a one way street and no turning back. Nine months had passed from the day the consultant had given the report. His skin was ash coloured. The cancer was voracious. His legs were finding it difficult to hold even his small weight and Lydia was distraught. They had no one except Sammy. Her life was falling apart all around her.

The doctor and the lawyer came to see him in hospital. He was in and out and the wait was long. The lawyer looked at this once healthy human being now simply a heap of bones hardly making an indent on the bed he was lying in. A skeletal hand rose from the pile of sheets beckoning the two nearer. Sammy pointed to the file next to him. It was three inches thick. The lawyer picked it up and began to go through it. The doctor looked on, but at times he was requested to sign as a witness to the various documents. The lawyer was perplexed. The documents painted a complex picture of investments, and what was required to be done. There were title deeds, insurance documents, and all this had to be placed into a trust fund. There were other documents that would be released later.

“Mr. Kaburu you realize this is going to cost a substantial amount of money.” The lawyer stated as he looked up from the file. The small head nodded. The thin hand picked up another leaf of paper and handed it to the lawyer. A voice whispered.

“I think that figure will suffice to not only take care of this affair but all others that will require your attention in the near future. Time is of the essence my friend.” The lawyer raised an eyebrow.

Sammy passed away peacefully holding his Lydia’s hand and his two small children by his bed side. He had happy thoughts in those last moments. He had finally closed his deals. The computers automatically began to liquidate positions when there was no action 24 hours later. The brokers had been instructed to contact various individuals once this occurred. Sammy never mentioned what he had been doing during the entire course of that year to Lydia. He had always been afraid till the last moment that everything would once more be taken away from him, so he continued to trade vivaciously but discreetly putting his plan in place but always….afraid.

The last will and testament of Sammy Kaburu was about to turn into a circus. A conference room was hired for the event at one of the five star city hotels.

At precisely 9.00 am with everyone seated, the lawyer along with his partner came into the room. The immediate family was perplexed to note a few gentlemen of European origin had also entered the room and discreetly sat to the side. They all wore dark suits and carried briefcases. Lydia was perplexed. Why did they require this room for poor Sammy’s will and who was paying for all this finery. She was now working as a legal secretary for a local law firm, and her entire year’s salary could not cover the costs of this one day.

All she had been informed was by a nice young lawyer from Stewart McKenzie & Holt to attend the reading of the last will of the late Sammy Kaburu at a specific date and time and that her attendance was vital. Stewart McKenzie was a group of prominent international lawyers; they certainly did not take to reading wills for free. Grace sat a few seats away. A smile played on her face. Her life had gone down hill in the last few months. Her husband had been indicted in several bribery cases and the state had confiscated all her property to cover the debts and costs. This was one of the few highlights in her recent bad times. She had verbally battered Sammy even on his death bed and vowed that he would pay all his debt to her even after his death. Sammy simply smiled.

There was a silence in the room as Mr. McKenzie began to read the first part of the will. He continued to list the assets that Sammy Kaburu had accumulated over the last part of his life. In nine months Sammy had traded in two accounts one on the world currency markets leveraging at a spectacular 1:100 with enormous amount of risk building up an accumulated wealth of 17 million pounds. While on the second account he had traded stocks accumulating a further 8 million pounds roughly. He also reinvested the assets in a number of different investments which had also paid of handsomely. The accumulated wealth of Sammy Kaburu on his death bed was well over 20 million pounds after tax. He had set up a trust fund to which all the wealth would go into. His wife Lydia would be one of the trustees. That was one of the conditions. Sammy also placed one half of his initial wealth or 50% into a list of stocks as per the instructions given by his sister Mrs. Grace Kihuga.

Grace was elated. Her problems were all solved. She was going to be a millionaire.  She waited with abated breath as Mr. McKenzie continued. At that point he introduced the other European gentlemen. The four were representing the accounts, one at his brokerage in London, the second was the currency account, and the third was from Credit Swiss from Zurich, while the fourth was the trust fund manager. The four men stood up respectfully. The list of assets was long. Lydia was crying, Grace was smiling.

The reading of the will ended. Grace was perplexed; nothing had been mentioned about her. She approached Mr. McKenzie and asked him regarding this.

“You are the sister of Mr. Kaburu are you not dear?” asked McKenzie smiling.

“Yes I am!” replied Grace with a bewitching smile.

“Ah! Well we have a full list of your assets. Mr. Kaburu insisted in putting this into the will.” Mr. McKenzie replied as he opened his file and removed a thin envelope.

He handed her the envelope, which she ripped open. In it was a list of stocks opened with 100,000 dollars. Current balance 7000 dollars.

Grace looked horrified.

“But you stated that he had placed 50% of his assets into the investment for me?” queried Grace.

Mr. McKenzie looked a little bemused.

“My dear, the late Mr. Kaburu did place 50% of his initial assets into your stocks on the very day that you asked him to. He was so frustrated when you left that he slammed the computer shut accidentally initiating a trade that got him his first 150,000 dollars when he closed the deal on Monday morning. That amount was made with the remainder of the money he had and not with your purported share that he invested in your recommendations. That was the beginning of his 9 month stunt. It was an extraordinary turn of events and I have never come across such a case. Mr. Kaburu narrated the whole story of his success and incentive to succeed when I visited him at the hospital.”

“Most Extraordinary!” he continued sitting down and placing his file on his lap;

“How desperation can enable an individual to take such extreme risk with everything to loose”

He said as he removed a handkerchief and dabbed his perspiration.

“With the other 50% of his assets he made the 20 million pounds.”

He pulled out a copy of the letter that Sammy had sent to Grace a year ago and a confirmation of the purchase from the bank, and handed it to her as he continued.

“He sent this letter and statement to you by registered post and the evidence shows that he did invest the money you asked for. By not acknowledging the letter you have according to the law agreed in principle with what it states.”

Mr. McKenzie paused;

“He followed your instructions, To the T dear!”

©Jaimin Vyas 2010 This story is a continuation from another published last week. Read part one of To the T.

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  1. kyt
    July 1, 2010

    got what she deserved. 8


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