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Hit, Run, Reverse, Destroy

Written by Joshua Watila

It all begun a few months back… now that I remember, I should have never left with her. She had a weird allure that I can’t quite accurately explain but I’ll try.

Her voice was silky smooth and she sounded seductive without even trying to, her skin glowed as if she was standing under a spotlight. How many people do you know who can wear any type of colour of makeup and make it work for them? Her body shaped to perfection as if God had spent extra time on her. It is rumored that her genetic code wasn’t like that of any other woman instead of two x chromosomes she had three of them. Triple x is what we would call her, short for xxx.  She had this giggle that no man could resist taking her to bed in his head when they heard it… A giggle!

She caught me staring at her, I looked in another direction pretending to be skimming through the crowd looking for someone else but it was too late, my little effort at trying to save face was as pointless as trying to jump off a tree in slow motion. She was now standing right in front of me looking straight at me. I tried to act as cool as weather at the crack of dawn but that too was pointless. It was as if she was looking right through me, her eyes burrowing right through mine picking up every little twitch and tremble. I felt my chest tighten up and the air around me seemingly thinner as I tried to take in more and more air with each breath, my mind now blank as I tried to think of what to say. Sensing my nervousness she smiled then giggled knowing that she had the upper hand and said to me what many men could only dream about. She said, “Want to get out of here?” At this point I should have run like hell, damn my good looks and large feet. Ummm… large feet might be a slight twist of the truth but it’s my story so don’t judge me.

Held by the hand like a blind man being led by a Seeing Eye dog I followed her helplessly as she navigated through the crowd towards the car park. I occasionally mumbled something in an attempt to make conversation but I was still very incoherent. “Was this really happening to me? Was I about to be the happiest man on earth for a few hours?” Okay not exactly hours of course am over compensating. All this thoughts flooded my mind while at the same time looking at her firm and supple behind wrapped in that satin white dress bouncing up and down each cheek moving in a different direction with every step she took. Who said men can’t multi task? She turned to me and asked where I had packed my car. This time I only managed a sly smile pointing at a sleek black range rover with silver rims in an attempt to impress her.  Had she known it wasn’t mine and more so that a friend who owned a car rental had loaned it to me as a favor for telling his wife that we were together on a night he had left for “home” earlier with his “sister” then she would probably be leaving with some other shy man who was staring at her at the party. Men cover for each other and all men are dogs, sorry to put it so bluntly but it’s true. For those who have lost faith in us let me give you some hope. As with all rules there is always an exception.

I finally found my voice as confidence crept into me with every shift of the gear of this powerful machine overtaking other cars effortlessly and boisterously daring matatus(vans designed for public transport) to try pulling their usual tricks of harassing motorists by crisscrossing along the lanes as if there was no other car on the road. But they kept at bay knowing all too well the cost it would take to fix this beautiful car that was almost as expensive as a house in the leafy suburbs of up market Nairobi.  She glanced over at me smiled and nodded as if hinting for me to go faster. “How I was driving wasn’t good enough yet?” I immediately knew this would be my undoing later on.  She was too wild to be tamed and after she had got what she wanted from me, she was going to run right back into the forest looking for more prey to gobble up. I made small talk and she listened mostly because she didn’t want to divulge too much information about herself.

Back at her apartment she threw her house keys on to the coffee table and told me to feel at home as she disappeared off into her bedroom. Her home was neat and tidy. She had subscriptions of various entertainment magazines neatly stacked in a rack next to her thirty two inch Sony Bravia flat screen TV. I browsed through them not paying too much attention of course thinking of when and how I was going to make my move. As I turned to keep checking out her apartment I saw through the corner of my eyes some DVDs on the shelf next to the corridor. It was strange as she already had meticulously arranged other DVDs next to the TV and there was room for others. How I got to them, I don’t know. I think we men have a way of sensing these things. They were full on adult entertainment, and what I had been thinking all along was confirmed. She was a freak. At this point I know I should have been excited but instead anxious thoughts flooded my mind as I remembered how little my driving had impressed her and how much I had tried.

I was now seated on the sofa waiting when she called. I peered at the corridor as her bedroom door opened and out her arm stretched holding a black lace thong. She dropped it on the floor and in her arm went back this time leaving the door open. I walked over almost in a zombie like mode and entered her room closing the door behind me. I woke up the next morning smiling and replaying what had just happened thinking out loudly, “who’s the man?” I turned to see why I hadn’t heard any response and realized there was no one in the room. Instead I found a note by the bedside lamp. I read through it expecting a thank you for rocking her world and my smile faded away as I gripped the paper tighter. Oh no! Was I seeing right? Is she the one I had heard about on news? The letter advised me to get tested for the big one. She had been infected with the HIV virus and had gone on a vendetta of spreading it to willing customers. Thoughts from the previous night came flooding in and then it hit me! I hadn’t used a condom.

It has been a few months and I have just left a VCT center at Kenyatta Hospital, it had been a struggle to get myself tested. I have just found out I am positive all because a night of passion that I could have avoided. I wish I hadn’t lived so recklessly. Oh well, it’s too late to take it all back I guess I have to soldier on and find out more about positive leaving.

©Joshua Watila 2010

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One comment on “Hit, Run, Reverse, Destroy

  1. paul kariuki
    November 17, 2010

    That’s a bit scary. Looks can be deceptive. I give you a 7.


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