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A Horrid Date Night

Her pink lustrous lips matched with her shiny kittenish eyes and bright lashes, perfected with her thick curvy hips and an African behind with an eight figure Coca-Cola shaped frame, I’m starting to think with my loins like a typical man. Yes, yes she was Priscilla, the main reason why I am sited  with my CV in an envelope after sneaking out of office over a lunch break with the thought  of where to drop it next. I can’t deliver work wise with the sight of my boss and Pricilla who visits the office every now and then at my current workplace. The air isn’t friendly.

A public relations officer; me and my clients relation matter to me, it is more than just work, client lists to organize; The calls I make in a day, no one will contemplate on that only but the clean suit that I wear everyday when coming to work and how much I earn, not much; yes I change the attire frequently but its looks all clean more of a Louis Vuitton or Gucci suits that able pocketed men spot into their offices, wait till you see the label, ask the man Kamau supplying me with the designs I don’t know where he gets them; Spotting all clean gray fitting suits with a black spotted tie I bumped into it at Ngara the previous day when shopping for mum.

I didn’t have much; I was done with data compilation, filed, scheduled all the clients, my day was a bit shorter, I smelled an early lunch or a cup of the fancy Nairobi Dorman’s or Java coffee before I hit the road and head home in a small cube in the suburbs of the city; sigh of relief came over me I scrubbed my bald head and leaned on the office chair almost dozing off, my boss interrupted me with a female sweet voice that almost made her sound like a sweet sixteen if that still applies. She had this thing for me, her curved smile every morning saying hi inquiring how my night was even when she’s heading home, office relations they say; but I always can’t help noticing her legs and curved hips; let alone her behind that keeps wiggling at my eyes when she turns to the door after assigning me a duty, she never got furious on me like on other workmates when she found them sleeping, too much to fantasize tap your head and wake up its your boss.

“Tomorrow you won’t be coming to work direct” her sexy voice kept on “visit Mr. Kipngeno and confirm if he still interested, talk him through the company offer and sign the form with him”.

She gazed at me smiled “next time ask for permission to go home and sleep, I can rent my bed at an affordable negotiable win win fee”

“Thanks Maam, I’ll do that in the morning but for the bed ill see to that” chuckles

Straight to my desk, updated my social pages, stayed in a bit to chat with some friends; a desk phone rings, I ignore pretending not to hear it, Mary a workmate picks it up, turns out it’s my extension.

Me: Hello, Simon speaking

Phone; Its Pricilla we talked like two weeks ago (I disrupt her)

Me: Ooh yes I remember, you wanted a loan but had some few complications, Thanks for calling by the way so are you ready?”

Phone: how about I call your number and maybe talk there it might be better for me.

Me: sure (call drops). How did she get it? I wonder!

On past occasions I received strange messages, when I call the phone goes offline, I can’t reach it, I had stalkers, it’s not my ego speaking, I felt like someone was watching me not just my shadow. Who was it? The same number kept calling I brushed it off because we never seemed to talk; her or him whoever was, kept calling and hanging up; I never got to get their voice.

we talked for a while with Pricilla; I’ve never done this long with a client on phone, she insisted on how she wants me to handle her case; I said the office decides after all clients have been listed but she insisted I try and take on her case; she kept wanting me to do a lot for her; I felt like this was getting personal all this requests, funnily; I said yes like I was a robot configured to her voice command,

“Please make sure you do that I’ve asked I’ll really appreciate don’t fail me” she muttered, “and coffee for two on me if you won’t mind we talk further I need your assistance”

I said yes without giving it a second thought; I didn’t bother to ask if I can save her number, I saved it anyway. My boss was just leaving; she offered me a ride in her car from the lavish estate street of Lavington right into town and dropped me at my bus stop, I felt uncomfortable all the while in the car but I couldn’t turn down the ride.

I picked a ‘Matatu’ to head home; though bored but I wasn’t a Nairobian; city life wasn’t me no matter how I tried, I took out my phone to chat with friends, checking my messages folder I saw Pricilla’s name on the received messages; that was weird I read all the messages that I have received from her and noticed she was the anonymous caller, I felt the need to reply on one of the messages and see what she will say.

Me                               just noticed, something weird you were my stalker

Pricilla                         don’t take me to b lose. Just a woman who follows what she wants

Me                               you should have said, anyway you never know the impact till you get hit

Pricilla                         does that mean you’re okay or you just pulling my legs, men can b sth else?

Me                               women can b sth else 2; their soft side is misleading, read btwn the lines. L8taz


I couldn’t believe it, she was interested in me; that’s flattering, I smiled looked at the new structures of Thika road and it hit me that they were lavish only to head to the 3rd classed Nairobi sides; pity. Her images rushed my head, Pricilla, her pink lips attached to her pumpkin face with brown eyes and very shiny lashes, her outstanding smile, her fingers made you wonder how her touch would feel like with polished nails and soft palms, her pointed nipples comfortably rested in her bras, I couldn’t believe that was an official outfit she wore, I had a date with her tomorrow couldn’t wait but I had to.

We talked by the night and agreed to meet next day at Riviera lounge, she wanted silence I guess we had a lot to talk, I worked away my Friday anticipating for the date in the evening I was to be a Nairobian that meant; don’t go home after work but hit some club or restaurants for coffee or something get drunk, pass out then call it fun. I met her like we agreed, none of us was late. she was stunning, her walking against the dim lights was a turn on yeah, yes I was a typical man for that moment, We sat down her on a glass of wine me on a bottle of novida, She stared at me, her flattery eyes all over me with her charm, the man in me had disappeared I was what my friends called ‘going soft’.

We left at 11. Pm with numbers on the minutes, I took her to a cab, she was drunk but not a reason to take advantage of her, I was to be her guard; a gentleman. She lived in South C of Nairobi, I got a taxi paid for it and got her in; she said I had to come along or she stays in town till I leave or goes where I’m headed, we wouldn’t go to my place I never lived alone, we went to her place, I felt all comfortable as she headed to the bathroom, I would have guessed; some instructions you don’t need to be given; I headed to the bedroom and relaxed myself. Her phone rang and she came rushing back in, I took it and handed over to her peeped on the screen to see the caller ID. Ms. Linda! That was my boss how come; anyway maybe it was another Ms. Linda, she came back smiling. I’ll be right back let me take a shower.

The door opened I went to check who it was; might be her man; I disliked men fights over women; Ms. Linda was standing right there all gorgeous and extremely sexy. She wasn’t surprised to see me like I was to see her; it hit me, probably she knew all that was happening, Pricilla and my number, the date, all the Ms. Linda charm had an agenda behind. So I wasn’t just a subordinate, Pricilla came she smiled too; I wasn’t smiling why would they smile, she was naked in a pink gown with the waist straps untied, they were happy at this; I wouldn’t love my job if this happened, I wouldn’t be me if this happened; yes I wanted a date not a three some with my boss and client, they saw a brilliant Friday while I was in my darkest hour, whatever the rest of the night carried is a story to keep in my diary.

© Oduor E. Oriko


3 comments on “A Horrid Date Night

  1. Mama Rafo
    April 8, 2012

    Did you read through after you were done?
    Shorter sentences are better and manageable.
    Lauguage used is….
    Would have been a good piece if you would have corrected it.
    Story (couldn’t finish) is good, very imaginative.


  2. Patrick o ochieng
    April 8, 2012

    I agree with MAMA RAFO that shorter sentences can be better managed. To use compound and complex sentences, the conjunctions and punctuation combining them must be spot on.


  3. Lydia
    November 13, 2013

    The ending is a little disappointing. I would have liked a more dramatic ending. Push the envelope a little bit. Quite the story though.


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