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Date From Hell

At home:

Standing in front of my mirror, I couldn’t help but stare. I looked so handsome; one would think Adonis was my twin. I knew I had to look my best-I even practiced different smiles and expressions in front of my mirror. As I fastened my tie, I pictured a life with her. Laura was an angel incarnate. Ever since that night I met her, she owned my mind, my body and my soul. She was my mercury, the morning rays that hit my window and my Venus, the evening beauty that sent me to bed smiling. Life with her would surpass the Elysian happiness that made up my utopia. Gasp! It was 7 already, I was getting late.


The restaurant:

I was so sure the amount of money I had invested on that night would have fed the starving for a year! Funny how I felt no guilt. I arrived early enough to sit right at the middle of the restaurant. Everyone had to know I was there with her. I sat nervously waiting for Laura’s arrival. I could feel damp drops form on my forehead, my hands were getting wet and there was an irritating feeling in my tummy-I guess you could call it pins and needles or butterflies as the ladies would say it.


She came! My mouth gaped. The way she walked, her heavenly stride-my God! You couldn’t dare place her and Heidi Klum on the same line because clearly, Heidi had nothing on her. The red satin mini, the way her long slender legs wore her heels, her glowing light skin, her hour glass figure that surpassed that of Aphrodite, I was speechless. The way she looked, the aura she carried with her-I felt like David and there was my Goliath. A wry grin adorned my visage. She was my date but if things went as planned, she could be my girlfriend.


I nervously picked through the meal we had ordered. I couldn’t wait any longer. So I gulped a mouthful of wine and went in for the kill.

“L, Lau, Laurr, Laura, could you be my girlfriend?” I managed to whisper.

”Joe, did you say something,” she stared right into my eyes.

I went for another try,”Laura, I really like you! I love the friendship that we have and I would like you to be my girlfriend…”


She broke into tears.” Joe…”

Silence! Pin drop silence! The type that could pierce through one’s soul.

At first I thought the tears were the joyful ones but something in me was hinting otherwise. I was dying for her answer.

”…I’m positive…”

Somehow in that moment, that sounded like a yes. “Thank you so much!!!Babe, I lov…”

I didn’t get to finish my words because her next statement hit me like a bomb!

”…HIV positive.”


Two weeks ago:

That Friday night, my friends had insisted we go out and celebrate my promotion to branch manager. At first I was adamant but soon I gave in. We had barely stayed at the bar for thirty minutes when I saw her. She was a beauty! I wondered what she was doing alone. The way she wore her clothes-a black mini that hugged her body so tight, her soft light skin calling for my touch, the way the disco lights radiated her elegance! One was left wondering what lay inside. I couldn’t help myself. I gulped a shot of whiskey and approached her.


The restaurant:

My arms dropped mid air, my world became empty, I chocked on my own breathe, no one existed-it was just me! Tears! A lot of tears and disbelief, everything collapsed. My head was spinning-round and round and round!


“You ruined my life! How could you? I loved you; my parents took you in when you had nothing. I gave you your life and you took everything away from me.Laura, I’m dying! I’m dying because of you!”


I pinched myself, I had to! This couldn’t be real-at some point, I even laughed, surely my friends had gotten me good this time.

But then again, the man who had just walked in looked distraught. He looked fragile, like a sac of bones. His skin was desiccated, sagging like a pendulous breast! His hoarse voice spelt out the pain in his heart. Just one cough and my heart sank-he was dying! This couldn’t be a lie-and I was right in the middle of it.


I could feel gazes from all around the restaurant placed on me; poking me from all over! My cheeks became hot, I was sweating profusely, I wished the ground would open and swallow me-save me from my misery.” Why me!” I thought to myself. I felt like I was in sinking sand-being pulled in deeper and deeper. I managed to stand up. Just as I pulled my coat from the chair, a young girl ran into the dining area shouting, “Mummy! Mummy! Mummy!”





Mystery man!

The child!

My world became a blurr; there was a loud buzz in my head and I trembled as my feet struggled to support my weight. Thoughts of that Friday night stormed into my mind.

I fainted!

© Ruth Lucinde


3 comments on “Date From Hell

  1. Dorothy Torut
    April 7, 2012

    very catchy story with the twist of scenes and use of words.
    would like to hear and see through your words more.


  2. Rahab Macharia
    April 8, 2012

    what to write,what to write…felt like i was right there with Joe! You brought the character to life. Loved how dramatic it was too!
    HIV/AIDS, still an issue in the country, added to the reality of the situation.
    Thanks for making my night Ruth!


  3. Agar Frank
    April 9, 2012

    Great piece…you really know your way around with the short sentences to create suspense.


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