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Hit and Run

 Written by Timothy Panyako 

It was over in an instant. But in that instant, the inclination was a polarized drift against a tinged sensation on that sensually charged body.

Well, she wore a dour character with the prospect of his leaving her vicinity; it loomed with each impending second that elapsed.

“I think I’ll need my panty back now.”

This was just another cold sentiment, maybe to retract his already made up mind. Her straightened hair played in a disarrayed dispensation all round her aged face. And she continually bit into her lower lip as if to devour what the man had said a split minute earlier.

“I am sorry I have to go.”

“My Father needs me to take care of someone else urgently.”

That was the explanation he had for her. She genuinely looked convinced but him, a clear blurry of emotion wrote across his youthful face.

“It’s ok Timmy, I think I could have you some other time, right?”

“Tomorrow to be precise, that is if you can shake off the worldly beings.”

And he had lifted the gigantic pair of panties from under himself to hand it to her. It seemed like a size thirty nine to the waist and she had put it on underneath her skirt, as he slipped into his cassock in rapid earnest.

Silently calm, he roared the car to life as she continued to straighten and spruce herself up. He cast another glance at her and the Peugeot 504 sped up the feeder road towards Kiplombe all the way leading to Eldoret town.

“This is where we part ways, the spirit is calling on me somewhere around here.”

He informed as the lady was left by the side of the road and the Peugeot 504 diverted into another feeder road up the Eldoret altitude.

There about twenty yards away, a lady half the age of the previous woman had set up a picnic site.

“Welcome pastor, I have been waiting for you.”

“Come, have a spot, I thought you’d be hungry so I brought some food along.”

“Thanks, that’s so kind of you, in fact I am indeed hungry.”

He was ushered from that automobile to the spot in the shade away from the mid afternoon sun. The lady looked a younger version of the other woman. Her smile was particularly bright as compared to the older lady.

“So Lucy, let us pray.”

And he had led the woman into a bout of a hysterical prayer, all the while caressing her hands in gentle seductive strokes. Then he unearthed the Bible from somewhere within the cassock and placed it in the piece of cloth laid out.

“And the Lord said; love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

“That you go into the world and procreate and fill it up.”

Timmy continued with an interlude of gibberish as the lady was presented forth to the heavenly father.

“The lord has instructed me to tell you that you will get a husband soon and have three children.”

The man of the cloak was then engulfed by a foreign entity taking over his humanly form. He was shaking all over, as if having a fit.

“Here receive my father’s blessing, don’t refuse it, just embrace it.”

Lucy relaxed as the man of the word started to passionately kiss her, blessing her, undressing her, well; she was receiving the father’s blessing. She needed it, she needed a husband yes, and this man had the track record for praying for such, and prayers were answered.

Later, they had shared the meal and drove off into the early evening sun as the automobile whirled a cloud of dust with its passage. Lucy was dropped off ten minutes later and the man went to park the car in front of the church.

“Sister, praise the lord.”

He called out at a young woman who was also entering the church.

“Praise the lord pastor.”

“I was coming to see you and thank the lord that I am just in time.”

She had a fancy hair style that zigzagged all across her head. She wore no make-up and her dress was plainly simple. He couldn’t remember her name but it was something like Reggie or was it Regina. Well, whatever her name, she had the gist of sending a flow of blood to all the right areas.

“Yes sister here I am, let’s go inside.”

She looked a whole lot like Rita, the girl who had made him what he was. Timmy was a pastor and marriage counselor for a short period of seven months, that is, before he met Rita.

“Can you believe that my husband is leaving me for another woman?”

“Don’t worry Rita for the lord says that the wages of sin is death.”

“And he will be punished for his sins sister, just take heart.”

Rita was in her early twenties maybe his age mate. Her youthfulness firmly reminded him of the type of wife he would have loved to have, hadn’t he been a man of the word.

“Pastor, I need you to come hold a counsel session at my house with my husband, maybe this will help.”

So at two thirty the next day Timmy had set off for the member of the folk’s house. Those were the days still when the Peugeot 504 could cruise to speeds of up to one hundred and twenty, without an occasional choke of black smoke expelled through the exhaust pipe.

He was welcomed by a dark green dressed lady at the door. Her body was draped with this firm fitting dress that was embroidered with a lace of light green at the hems, creating a clear distinction between the two colours.

“Come in pastor, just have a seat, we will be with you in a short while.”

The room was neatly arranged. The air fresh, the ambience perfectly serene and the pictures on the wall was of a single being only; not even a single picture of the husband or a man. She emerged from the inner rooms wielding a new scent that was most alluring.

“So Pastor, what is your real name.”

“I am Brother Timothy, Tim Pany.”

“Timothy, yeah, Timmy.”

Rita then walked to the door and turned the key anti-clockwise and removed it from the lock and walked back to the couch.

“Sorry Timmy, I have no husband and this was the best way to get you here.”

“Why worry about my not agreeing to come, the lord does not serve his people by choosing who to visit or not.”

And she had moved closer to him at the couch. The allure of her perfume was now biting into his nostrils in a phenomenally remarkable way.

“I wanted to help you Timmy.”

“I know that you are a young man and lonely.”

“And here I am, I know you are attracted to me for I am to you.”

His eyes continued to stare at the floor and then he looked into her eyes.

“I rebuke the devil in you Rita in the name of the father.”

And he pulled himself up to reach for the door. It was locked and she had the key.

“If you want to leave come get the key.”

She slipped the key into her breasts and stamped her feet. It was a daunting task and when he finally did, he was holding onto the second twin of her breasts with his other hand. She had no bra underneath that dress and he was basically putting his hand where he wanted it to be all along.

Again here was Regina, the girl who constantly reminded him of Rita. Rita the girl who had made his life something else to what he thought it would be.

“Pastor, things are headed for the worst.”

“He has decided to leave me.

Timmy looked on. His mission here was on the verge of ending. He just needed one more conquest and he would be done with it.

“It’s ok Regina, the lord always has a way for everyone.”

He said as he held onto her hands.

“The lord always has a way for everyone.”

For the first time since he embarked on this mission he felt sorry for his would be victim. She was the ninety ninth target one shy of his targeted number and she seemed desperately vulnerable. And he couldn’t do it.

“Regina, can I get back to you in a short while?”

He entered into the Peugeot 504 automobile. He was sick to the head. Rita had gave him this dreaded thing for breaking his virginity; The HIV/AIDS Virus. And he had passed it on nonetheless, that is, to would be ninety eight people.

The car was roared to life and he drove off disappearing into the uncertain future.

Beware some servants of the cloak are deceivers. This was inspired by real events.

© Timothy Panyako 2011. Further works:

This short story was submitted into the Storymoja Urban Narratives : Peugeot 504 Short story Contest. Please comment on the short story for the author’s benefit and then vote on the story. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being weak and 10 being excellent, please indicate where you rank this story. Points will be tallied on the 22nd of May, and the winner announced on the 23rd of May 2009.


12 comments on “Hit and Run

  1. vic
    May 10, 2011

    at first i thot it was an obvious topic going by the day’s the end of it all it leaves me with plenty to think about, a cocktail of feelings which override the heading.u nailed it man


  2. nelly
    May 11, 2011

    a nine would be in order. Dude, you write like you were the pastor and out on a vengeance. But its a crazy thought a very weird thought expertly executed. I will be checking out your blog and i hope that you are a frequent writer not a one story wonder


  3. Rose
    May 11, 2011

    tell me this is inspired by a true event for real. for exposing some of the ills of our clergymen, 9. hope that we can learn from your story and not be deceived by the likes of such preachers.


  4. Rono
    May 11, 2011

    8 for cheating us to believe that i was another love story but it wasnt. nice flow


  5. mercy
    May 14, 2011

    i vote a nine.i like the descriptions and the unconventional sequence of sentences. nine work


  6. phil
    May 14, 2011

    lol i vote 9


  7. Brian
    May 16, 2011

    I really hope the Timmy in the story is not you, man! I am personally concerned about the deliberate spread of HIV/AIDS for whatever reason, mainly retaliation. I think you should think of submitting this story out there for multiplied readers as a novella. Sordid, but this is happening. As for the pastor, well …… The story gets a 9 for flow, reality and skill in writing.


  8. will
    May 20, 2011

    i vote a solid 10. i like the creativity


  9. wyn
    May 20, 2011

    pastors! pastors! vote 9


  10. godwin
    May 20, 2011

    if only there were more people bold enough to tackle such weighty issues, then then world would be a better place. the technique of fusing narration to mederate the story, and direct speech to tell the story is superb. i vote 9 for tantalising my reading buds


  11. carlton
    July 21, 2011

    the men of God out there ought to trade carefully lest they are consumed by fire from on high


  12. laitoriat
    January 24, 2012

    Nice storyline that ended differently from what the writer had made me believe from the beginning.


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