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Mama’s Boy

Written by Timothy Panyako 

He always knew that evil lurked within in the midst of nothingness. Touting, staring down at the unsuspecting humanity. Stalking or just hovering around, waiting for the opportune moment to prance at someone. And with this mystery dispensation to life, he was among the numerous to encounter evil, but pure evil? He had never seen anything like it, at least not before he stepped into an empty mass and twenty one storeys downwards later, none of that mattered anymore.

“Sammy is that you my son?”

Somewhere in a distant but so close by, the above sentiment played in his consciousness together with the undeniable mental picture of his mother’s teary eyes slightly obscured by a liquid like substance trickling down her cheeks. The sight was a clear teary tributary in formation drifting down her rather aged face, and indeed they descended in a free fall notwithstanding.

And a free fall was it too, as his dejected form tumbled downwards towards what he thought was a reprieve from his prior actions. A false reprieve, as his head acknowledged the hardness of the ground below to forever condemn him to oblivion and to leave the others lingering in limbo momentarily.

“Jeez its Sam’s mum.”

Shouted someone in their midst.

“No Sam, don’t.”

Screamed another as Sammy leapt over the shaky railing.

It was certainly his mother’s face that was revealed from under the soiled bandana that was concealing it underneath. In a momentous instant, everyone was scaring in different directions, all but two. Then one of the remaining souls picked up a rod and smacked the other squarely on the face, sending her tumbling face down towards her already dead offspring twenty one storeys below.

Finally, everything relapsed in an unprecedented serenity. Silent, calm, peaceful, clearly, it was yet again the end of another eventful day. A day full of promise, a day full of disappointments, and just another eventful day was it, as all that was left were two corpses littering the secluded alley.

Morbid, this was not what the day had entailed earlier. It was a drastic shift to an open contrast that is what it was. It had to be that, a drastic shift from the morning’s activities.

“Mum, I got admitted to Law school.”

He had informed amid the tension firmly riveted in the room. This act was only a mere attempt to scatter the silence in the room and ease the tension slightly just a tiny, winy little bit.

“Oh that’s great Sam, congratulations.”

But the reality of the matter is what was in focus overriding even the good news just delivered.

See it was absurd. On lay at the table a half a loaf of bread. This is why they were having this conversation in the first place because they both knew that between them, the loaf of bread is what was available for the day. But here they were nonetheless talking about a promise to a better future which was so close, but yet again extremely far.

 “Well ma, I got to go out, al see you later.”

He just couldn’t stand this and neither could she only none of them had the nerve to declare so.

“Just be home by eight Sam, I need to show you something.”

“Ok ma, see you later.”

 And he was gone.

 The admission thing had its fair toll on him as much as he would have cared to imagine. And Tim’s proposal was starting to drum insistently in his thoughts. He needed not, but the more he stayed here the more he was bound to be like the likes of him, something he had promised he wouldn’t be. But it had to be the only way out now, the only way he sought, a one way ticket out, a onetime thing, Tim’s way out.

“Hey Tim?”

“Hey man, you have me an answer?”

“Yeah, I have you an answer, but it’s a one hit only and am out.”

He declared grabbing onto Tim’s hand for one weird handshake.

“Alright, but that is what we all said. Look at me now…..”

“Am still here and going strong for that matter.”

“So six it is then?”

“Correct, I see you are learning fast and six be it then.”

And a couple of minutes after six was it then when a lone woman was ambushed by the gang and her head simultaneously covered by a cotton cloth.  And neatly stashed in her bag was money any of them had ever touched. They subsequently commandeered her into this abandoned building for further scrutiny.

“Sam, today’s stash is all yours.”

“There you go college boy, make us proud in school.”

Tim complemented as he threw the new looking bag at him.

Then their captive made a fatal mistake. She tried to flee and in the unfolding scuffle, one of the members was hit extremely hard on the groin section that he wanted to remove his own mask and smack the life out of her, but he held on. He had other plans.

“Well college boy, we have an inciter in our hands here.”

“Look at where she hit, I guess she wants to have some fun too.”

The dude was directing his hand towards the groin section then rapidly clutched at the pain throbbed shaft safely concealed inside his khaki pants. Sam knew what they were implying and was reluctant at first. Between them he wasn’t such a guy, but again these guys had just helped raise money that seemed enough for his tuition fee. So half heartedly, he became the first assailant to violate the woman who silently sobbed for fear of being harmed further, possible to death, as the seven other assailant followed suit.

“Now let us see who this is before we leave.”

The gang then gathered around for the unveiling.

And there under the soiled bandana was Sam’s mum, sobbing, dejected and violated. Sam couldn’t believe it as he too in a moment of weakness removed his mask to have a closer look of what he was seeing.

That is when their eyes met. She had just secured a loan that she was bound to pay for the rest of her life for his sake, and this was the thanks she got in return. Everything immediately turned silent, extremely silent as Sam and the rest of the gang looked on agape at what they had just done.

“Jeez its Sam’s mum.”

Shouted someone from their midst.

“No Sam don’t.”

Screamed another as Sam leapt over the shaky railing.

In an instant, everyone was scaring in different directions, all but two. Tim then picked up a rod and smacked Sam’s mum squarely on the face sending her tumbling over the railing towards Sam’s body sprawled in the ground twenty storeys below.

“Crazy shit”

Tim said as he looked down to try to catch a glimpse of the two bodies below.

“Totally crazy shit”

Then he picked the bag that contained the money and casually located the stairs to leave the site of the incident.


Concept adapted from “Dancing with the Devil” by Immortal Technique




4 comments on “Mama’s Boy

  1. Brian
    June 21, 2011

    Good story. Would award it ……. 8.


  2. Dilman
    June 22, 2011

    Good story, but low on credibility. It assumes the victim never let out a cry from the moment she was snatched. Never said anything to beg the muggers, which is what would happen during any mugging. And if she did speak, why were they not able to recognize her voice? If she was free enough to attempt to flee, then she must have been able to speak at some point. But why didn’t they know who she was from her voice?


  3. kyt
    June 30, 2011

    nice observation @dilman, but the flow is ok. 5 for me


  4. tim
    July 4, 2011

    gee thanks for the critics, i guess i missed on the possibility of “the mum” crying out or talking and the subsequent recognition of her voice. i need to be careful next time


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