Celebrating East African Writing!

Outside Looking In

By Gidson Wariara

From your T.L.C

20th November 2012

Dearest Rose

My heart is breaking in front of me now that I know I made a mistake when I said goodbye. If there were a shop window with a pair of wings I would break the glass and find a means of flying just to be with you right now.

I am bored in bed taking bachelors meals, for here they are not allowed to cook, wishing for your tasty mokimo and chicken. Our room, just a nook, is on third floor and out the window is evidence all over of a well ran country. They say monarchy is dictatorship but see what ‘democracy’ has done to our beloved Kenya. Here kings and princes rule but I tell you out the window the National paint roundabout and the shopping malls are quite a scene. Though the skyscrapers look dead in the rather sultry air in the scorching sun. But thanks God they can afford air-conditioned travelators. I miss the forest, chinga dam too, the rain, the morning dew between my toes and the happy easy faces, the goats and dogs also. Surprisingly, whilst we may be having plants siring in January at home, here flowers are bloom all year round and the gulf course deeply green and quite pleasing to the eye. But I have never heard a cricket here, not a stork or even cows mooing and the occasional sand storm is a mess sometime. There are few cats and the ones that I see seldom purr, just stare and dart. The people in the streets dart too and anyway I can’t say they are not friendly. But you see, they always see discrepancy of sort from you, and not that some drunk brothers haven’t let me down today, but the owners of this country are creepy I may say.

But why tire you with all this dear. I pray that you are hale and hearty and never forgetting me. Even though a day may end or a moment go by without me saying it, may never a minute pass by without you knowing that I love you. I know that smile will still be there, the limpid pool eyes, that soft voice shall never die and I will in the middle east strive until I am punished enough for having left you behind. Last night I saw us at Malindi silver sand beach. Same congestion here but no time, no money and also there is not a single shell and those small fish that resemble Abigail are extinct here.

How is your brother and your friend Grace? Salute them and tell them they are priceless. God bless

 Always your love Gidi

©Gidson Waitara 2012


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