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A Queen I Can Eat

A hot cup of tea to warm me up on a cold Monday morning was all it took for my heart to fall in love. The feeling of warmth flowed in me like the frequent voltage surge to the ever present Christmas tree lights in my single room, brightening up my face. I gulped the first and asked for a second cup.

She obliged.

I was so enthralled in my drink that I did not notice the piece of cake offered with the tea until I was halfway done. I bit a big chunk off it and savored the sweet flavor it left in my mouth.

“What’s in this cake?” I asked with my mouth still full.

“It’s a Carrot cake” she said.

“Very…ummhh carroty” I mumbled as I shoved the remaining piece into my big mouth.

Why anyone would go to the extent of putting carrots in a cake was beyond my comprehension.

“Could I have another piece?” I inquired amidst my swallowing.

“No, that’s enough for today. Let’s leave some for the others. “She replied calmly.  “How about a queen cake?” she offered.

“Sure” I said.

I was not going to let a cake offering go to waste.

“And just what is in it… a Queen?” I quipped.

She lit up as well, her smile brightening my Monday further. Her eyes sparkled and gleamed in happiness.

“You’re silly!” she said now giggling. She wiped a tear from her left eye.

I was smitten.

She walked to the cupboard above the kitchen sink, raised her hand and grabbed a packet of queen cakes. The Coke bottle shape had nothing on her.

My hand ‘accidentally’ brushed hers as she passed on the Queen Cake packet. In that fraction of a second a pulsating current flowed through me. I tore the plastic packet open, got the first ‘queen’ out pushed her into my mouth and ravished her. I felt a tingling sensation as the pulsating feeling subsided.

“Is this Love?” I mumbled.

“Is this what?” she asked.

“Is this the last…the last packet of Queen Cakes?” I quickly changed the question on realizing I had verbalized my thoughts.

“No, there’s still some more. Why, do you want to eat all of them too?”She joked.

“Not really, I just need one Queen in my life” I said.

“What are you talking about?” she asked. “I bet you’ve got more queens than that packet!”

But none that makes the story end ‘and they lived happily ever after’ ” I answered in jest.

A moment passed as we looked into each other’s eyes, held in our gaze.

“Grace, your father’s looking for you” a voice said. I turned and saw the boss’s secretary standing at the now open kitchen door.

“And you,” she said looking at me sternly, “What are you still doing here? Those insurance documents are needed urgently. Get them stamped and bring them back.”

“Sawa, natoka tuu sa hizi” I said.

“Harakisha!” she shouted.

“Kwaheri Grace, tutaonana baadaye. Good day” I said to my new found love.

“Good day to you too” she replied as she walked out to find her father, our boss.

“Hahahahahaha!, Ati Good day! Wewe naona you want to get fired. Leave the boss’s daughter alone.” the secretary mocked me.

“Shida yako ni nini? She’s not your daughter” I said in defiance.

“No she isn’t but if you mess with my boss or his family then you’re messing with me!” she shouted.

“Sawa” I said not wanting to get into a fight with her. Our last fight had cost me a day’s pay. She had insinuated to the boss that I had missed a work delivery time deadline leading to her work backlog. I had tried to defend myself but as usual she had the boss’s ear. And his body too, over his weekend sleepovers at her house. She had me by the balls. The boss too.

“Get over yourself and do your work. “She scolded me. “Your five minutes are over and that my friend, is the most time you’ll ever get with her!”

“The boss is calling you James” Grace’s voice interrupted our fight. I wondered if she had heard what we were on about.

“Also please get the car keys for the new car from him; it’s you and me the whole day. I’ve told him I need to meet and get to know our clients. “

“But what about the urgent insurance papers he was to deliver?” the secretary asked.

“Don’t worry about that, the motorbike courier guy is on his way” Grace answered.

I rushed to the boss’s office and was back in no time. I found the secretary mulling over a cup of strong black tea.

“Where’s she?” I asked.



“She’s outside waiting for you”

“Waiting for me? Hahaha” I mocked her.

“Careful now, you might be chewing more than you can handle” she retorted.

“I don’t know about you but I’m sure I’m going to have that good day after all.”I said walking out. “And it’ll definitely be more than five minutes long!”

© Patrick Karari 2013

The word I based the story on is:  Love.

What triggered it from the picture? The woman with hands akimbo dressed in blue at the background. Her posture reminded me of somebody that I used to know!



2 comments on “A Queen I Can Eat

  1. Isaac Keah
    July 15, 2013

    what a natural conversation, good job on that.


  2. khasohasamita
    April 5, 2014

    Interesting and captivating…the humour behind your words!


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