Celebrating East African Writing!

Amorous Release

What favour have I now,

That I’ve found such care in your arms,

A gem I’ve found in yours heart,

Cradled with affection that had been so elusive before,

I filch daily a little from this treasure,

Only to find it multiplied the next

Of this love that’s special and ours,

I scream to the world,

Because it overflows like torrents,

Today musing that I cannot possibly love you any greater,

Only to surprise myself the next day

At how deeper this has grown

A timely miracle ours is,

That we found each other when we did,

Two souls In quest of the authentic,

Now sealed with cords of genuine love,

I smile oh so hard because,

Yesterday I thought I’d grown in leaps being with you,

Only to be surprised today at the scales I now stand

This ours love,

Has served us all so right,

It caresses our hurts,

And soothes our aches,

And so we hold on tight to this

Our happy charm

We now dare dream of forever

2010© Ivory Confessions


4 comments on “Amorous Release

  1. “Two souls In quest of the authentic,Now sealed with cords of genuine love”….Butterfly colors of love poetically painted…mystic spirit of love poetically condensed and sprinkled by a soul soaked and drenched in sacred depths of a romantic bliss! Hmmm..Short powerful lines…so real, so sweet……Amorous Release indeed!!


  2. Brian
    July 5, 2011

    Well done. Captivating. Next time include stanzas though, unless you want to do only one.


  3. Ayoub Mzee Mzima
    June 10, 2013

    Just beautiful!


  4. Espoirkins
    August 21, 2013

    i love this to brim…such a sweet loveful poem…!! am a hopeless romantic so for me , love poems are the bomb..i love the way the persona’s love keeps growing beyong his/her expression… i love


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