Celebrating East African Writing!

An Urgent Poem by Sanya Noel

It is of importance                   especially now

It is urgent                               more so today

When our patience                  is running low

When the tolerance                 runs really thin

That we learn                          to stand together.

It is important                         that we learn to love

It is urgent                               that we start to hug

Especially those                      we didn’t love before.


It is of essence                        that we as a people

stand as a people and say

you’ve been on the balcony for this long.

Show me the fruits of those years.


It is of essence                        that we question our beliefs

especially as a country

more so today, a multicultural country.


It is boring                               and banal of course

Platitudinous,                          even though we need to say

to one another

look here brother,

I know                                     you don’t know me

I know                                                 I may speak funny

I know                                                 my hair may be different

I know                                                 my skin is darker, or lighter

But can you push up a little farther?


We all need                             to learn to give this push

We cannot                               get to the top, on our own.


It is of importance                   that we question our beliefs.

That we question                     what we’ve been taught.


We need to ask                       what is this that makes us different.

It is stupid                               that we can fight together in schools

It is sad                                   that we can go through colleges

It is annoying                          that we can joke together at work

struggle as we hack it at the same jobs


Then go back                           to mediocre thinking.

It is stupid                               that we can tolerate this.

It is mediocre                          that we as a people

can fail to understand our nation’s beginnings.


It is of essence                        that we recalibrate our goals

That we sit back                      and ask ourselves

Would things be any different

If I ever did them different?


Would Kenya be better           if I loved it more?


Of course it is a lie                  to think we can wish our differences away

to think that we can create      simplistic solutions.


It is difficult                            to trust after the lies, yes.

But we know                          that reparations have got to be made

We know                                 that history has got to be addressed

We know                                 the hatred won’t just go away

the distrust won’t go away

in a day or a week or a month.


And we believe                       we can be a better people

We believe, we can rise again

We know                                 we shall rise again.

© Sanya Noel


3 comments on “An Urgent Poem by Sanya Noel

  1. Joseph Odende
    September 15, 2014

    Love this man great stuff


  2. Shariffa
    September 20, 2014

    So what are we doing about it


  3. s.ogugu
    October 15, 2014

    It is indeed important for us o question what we have been taught and also understand our nation’s beginnings. Simple yet not so simple at all. Interesting (writing) format too.


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