Celebrating East African Writing!

Breaking Chains

We shall break all chains

that hinder, repeals man’s right

as rightful owner of his life

man whose life’s insufferable

like an African dog’s life

without master, stoned, ridiculed, spat upon left and right.

enough is enough!

no one handcuffs himself

we shall break off chains of oppression

chains that binds us behind

impale our tongues and

forces us speak foreign tongue

we shall break all chains

that keeps man superior

over another man

chains that inhibits the poor

to enter and eat natural fruits of Eden

chains that binds women and

torture them on their marital beds

chains that keep the rich in high fences

far from the poors’ reach and gaze

we will empty the coffers of the State

and recompense the down-trodden citizens

 will flatten all mountains of wrongs, bulldozer all evils

incinerate and blot them off on the face of earth

demolish the house,

turn the tables and tear up

the ugly constitution

and give members hand-picks, shovels, hoes

roll up their sleeves and trousers

turn the soil and toil

no man shall have a penny more

on the day of His second coming

when hills, mountains, trees, seas, the earth we walk on

shall testify in the court against us

all borders plundered

all prisoners walk free to the rightful Judge

all the children aborted in Khayelitsha

twenty abortions per week

the capital of immorality

will gather and denounce one man

whose hand decreed the abortion?

Enersto Alfabeto Nhamuave shall kiss the xenophobic hand

that set him alight

Mandela and Winnie given their

twenty-seven years back to live alone in the garden of Eden

and see if Winnie won’t temper  with  an apple

whilst Hitler and Mikhail Kalashnikov accuse each other

Angels shall descend down

and blow the trumpet into our mouth and ears

our tongues shall speak

one language,

language of Angels

language Of heaven

language of our Holy Father

gathered before Him

His black book about to separate sheep from goats.

© Nixon Mateulah


2 comments on “Breaking Chains

  1. Brian
    July 5, 2011

    Okay, Nixon, that was a masterpiece. Just a little more sentence construction and some grammar, and it would be raised a notch higher. You have what it takes. Go for it!


  2. Ayoub Mzee Mzima
    June 10, 2013



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